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Holla !! And here we are at Universal Studio Singapore. Got it at 1 for 1 price. So me and half of my clique decided to make a tr...

Holla!! And here we are at Universal Studio Singapore. Got it at 1 for 1 price. So me and half of my clique decided to make a trip down to USS to enjoy!!! We met them around 9.30 at Vivo.. but as usual... I'm late??? Haha so we had a quick breakfast at mcdonalds and off we head to USS by staff bus! 

We reached USS around 10am and we had to queue before we go in so yeppp the first place we headed to was the Sesame street zone!!! Took a picture and off we go to spaghetti space chase.

It has definitely got to be a boring ride... but it's for kids so hahahahhahaa.  

Queued around 10-20 mins for Transformer ride. I don't really fancy it too because I think it's boring. After we took a photo with him, we went to the toilet and it started pouring!??!?!?!? OMG why did you rain :(((( So we hurried to place our bags in the locker and we had a round of mummy roller coaster. It poured even heavier?!?!?!? We went to collect our bags and bought ponchos and we ran to the theatre because the show was starting. I was already 1/4 wet????? Urgh 

I was wearing a leather sandals as you could see from the first few photos but it started pouring so my sandals are soaked and it's really disgusting. Clifford was wearing a shoe and karyee was wearing a beauty sandals so the three of us decided to waste $30 on a slipper. AND wow the rain stopped :')

I had to take this carousel because I didn't rode on it before?? :( 

We walked over to the jungle area??? Couldn't really remember what was it called and we took about half an hour to queue!!! Love this ride because I got wet again even thou I had my poncho on =_=

So we walked and walked and walked... Taking photos with every mascot we see. Weetheng and noel left first because they had something on :( So I am left with Peiying, Clifford and Karyee. I was really hungry so we settled for Louis Pizza.

We paid $60 for four drinks, two soups, two minion cupcakes and one huge pizza!!!! It was really worth it because we couldn't finish the pizzas :') And the minion cupcakes suck!! 

After we had our lunch, I had a brilliant idea and that is to take a spin on the accelerator because it was drizzling... Clifford says he was feeling nausea due to the turnings hahaha. 

So the four of us decided to go on a hardcore mummy ride!!!!! We went to place our bags and ran to the mummy queue because the waiting time was less than 5 mins?!?!?!?!??!? WHAT A STEAL OMG FASTER RUNNNNNN. And each time we took, the rain poured even heavier =_= What a luck man... We took around 2-3 times non stop??? It was so fun omg!! Such a pity that battle star roller coaster wasn't working :( 

And off we go to the Water World show. We got wet as usual because of the actors HAHAHAHAH. Clifford even tried to open his umbrella but the big boat spoiled it LOL. 

Went for a lame Madagascar ride and off we go chochoooo. 

That marks the end of our day at Universal Studio Singapore!! 

I wanted to buy jelly beans so they accompanied me to Candy Empire and this is what I got. *Smirks* Would be having a Bean boozled challenge with @xsharmine!! Be sure to catch our youtube channels. ;) 


"Idem brings out the fashion that everyone wants, your one stop online shop to your ootd."

White Clove Dress

Love how it opens up behind with a lace of crotchet flowers beneath it. The dress was a little too long for me so I added a belt and it still looks good! Definitely a perfect dress for a casual date with your friends or boyfriend. 

Black Lace Dress

This dress was a little too long for me as well so I added a plain black belt and it looks good too!! Really have a liking towards black dresses because it's easy to match with any bags and I don't have to fret on what top to match with what bottom!! Not forgetting the lace details on the necklace. ;)

Web Lattice Top

I am a big fan of spag tops!!!! This top definitely caught my eyes because it's so gorgeous and it's in maroon. They have it in black thou! Love the silky and soft material of it because it's so comfy!! You would be seeing me wearing this so often.

Thank you so much Idem Moda! It was really a pleasure to be able to work with them because they are super efficient. They even delivered the parcel to my door step and gave me a box of free hand made pineapple tarts. LOVE IT!!!!! I shared them with my family because it's so tasty omg. I had to share the joy with everyone.

Do remember to catch them at >>

Facebook: facebook.com/idemmoda
Webstore: idemmoda.com
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