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Really really really sorry for the lack of updates during February!!! It was hell for me.. Projects after projects.... with ir...

Really really really sorry for the lack of updates during February!!! It was hell for me.. Projects after projects.... with irresponsible people zzz.... Had to do most of the job... Hate them to the core!!! But hey, on a positive side.. I'm finally back to blogging!!!! Because I'm having my holidays now, thank god. Had a shoot with Mayfair and here are some of the photos. 

So... yeah! We were dressed in our course tee because we are heading to Ngee Ann poly for Dialogue In The Dark. It was awesomeeeeeee, we were in groups of maybe 8? We had to walk in the dark, really pitch dark with a walking stick that was provided to us. The journey took around an hour or so, I even ate ice cream inside. It costed $3 if i'm not wrong?? It was a great experience for sure! Be sure to try it out. Oh, you have to pay for the entrance fee.

Photos sponsored by SocialPrintLab, adv will be up soon. Meanwhile shop with them and quote "locklovez14" and you will be entitled to 10% discount.

It was a long day for us because SHOPPING DAY!!!! Went to threeblindmice flea located at F1 pit building with Siman and Nihui. I spent around 150 bucks++?? Def regretted getting a few items.... We carried our shopping bags home and it was really heavy I swear..... Me and Nihui had muscle ache the next day. It was a torture T_T 

Met them around 3/4+ and watched Huat ah!! Hahahaha I know we are damn slow because CNY was over... But it was a good movie!! Had subway for dinner and went to walk around JP and bought a few stuffs! More outings to come ;)

Bought this lovely romper during TBM flea at only $10!? Mad love for rompers!!! Headed out with Geraldine to CP because there was another TBM flea but we were disappointed because there wasn't any nice stuffs?? We traveled all the way down for nothing.. but i'm glad that I bought a few stuffs at CP at a really cheap price! 

Went down to mayfair shop for a shoot!! And chilled with Clarice for a little while before heading home. ;)

Headed down to mayfair's shop again to collect some stuffs!!!! The bottom photo was the most recent shoot with Mayfair. Collection 20 is out, be sure to shop with them! Quote "locklovez" for 5% off total bill!!!! OH and their physical store is located at Bugis street #02-12, directly above Wo Ai Taimei! 


FINALLY!! End of the god damn torture!!! Had an extra module because most of them were exempted.. But nonetheless, I studied hard for my exams even tho it was a last minute thing. Celebrated Nihui's & Sha's advanced birthday after our exam.

Went out on the last day of my exams with Vee, woooo feeling so happy because it's finally holidays?! Met her at dhoby because she's bringing me to eat strictly pancakes. Never been there before so thanks vee!! Oh and it's my first time meeting her ;) Went to walk around plaza sing and bought nh's birthday present and headed over to orchard central and shopped at TEM. I always hated shopping at TEM because their stuffs are so overpriced but guess who just bought her first item from TEM? LOL 

Finally... Our twenty months of love together!!! Couldn't wait to spend more of my days with him. More joy/love/laughter/happiness/sadness/anger to come HAHAHA. Miss spending quality time with him :( He's always working... sucks man!!! Went over to his place early in the morning because he wasn't well..... and he had work in the late afternoon. 

Went to zouk at last wed with my girls to celebrate Nihui's 18th birthday! It was a blast, hope she enjoyed her day!! Happen to saw some of my old friends, miss them!! :'( Oh and we chanced upon our seniors and took a group photo cuz someone initiated hahha!!! 

Went down to Mayfair to help her tend her shop becuz she was busy!!! Played pop cookin with her because we are really bored..... and she left after that. SO... I was alone.. watching my korean drama shows and using my phone T_T Drop by Mayfair if you have the time ok!! 

Worked on fri, sat & sun :(((( Love working because I get to dress up ;) Thanks to vee who came down on sat to accompany me for an hour hahahaha!!! Ripped shorts by @kittyondeck, adv will be up soon! Meanwhile shop at their site and quote "JOLENEKOD" to get $2 off when you spend above $50. Howeverrrr the next day I wore a romper that's from @veeapparels, quote "locklovez" to get a dollar off your total bill!! START SHOPPING NOW GIRLS ;) Adv will be up soon too!!! Be sure to check out the side of my blog for more shopping sites! 

Will be blogging about my USS trip with my clique soon! 



Flutter spag in maroon & Light denim high waist jeans

How not to love spags!? Tell me!!!! I have over 20 spags in my closet and I need more of em!! This spag is def a keeper because it's in a lovely colour and material. As for the jeans, I wore it to Japan last year. It sure did keep me cold because I was wearing another pair of leggings inside. Love the outfit!! Could totally wear them out soon. 

Live as you dream denim jacket

Such a pretty piece! Couldn't get my hands of it because it's too gorgeous hehe. Worn it to work because this few days is raining non stop T_T This denim jacket will def keep you warm!! It's a steal. :')

Supreme floral shirt

Have been wearing this out lately to market, movies, malls and everywhere! Love the floral details that's printed on the shirt and the quality is good too! You would def see me wearing this again on the street.

I'm sorry for delaying this adv for so so so long but it's finally up yay!! Thank you so much ahwen :') Do remember to follow them on..

Instagram: @Fiveanddimes

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