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Happy Valentine's day to all of you!! Met love around 3 at Dhoby but he was ...

Happy Valentine's day to all of you!! Met love around 3 at Dhoby but he was late.. When he arrived, he popped out with a bouquet of rose!! He gave me blue roses last year so... it's pink this year!! ;) Thank you so much love! Headed over to The Cathay, SpaceInvasion to collect my grab bag that I won. After collecting... we went to Bras Basah MRT to meet someone working at stylesearchsg to collect my RWS voucher that I won too! Thank you :) 

Went to plaza sing because I wanna find the cute Popsicle temporary tattoos that my friend gave me but it's sold already :( So we headed to the top floor and went into a restaurant but decided to leave becuz shabu shabu attracted us o_O HAHAHA. So we ate shabu shabu yayzzz!! Yes it was yummyyyy. I don't mind going back again for another round! 

Left dhoby to bugis because we are dropping by Clarice shop! Her dream finally came true because her physical store is up. Helped her with some packing before me and love left. Thanks love for sending me back home! Love you as always and hoping for more dates to come! 

Went over to Clarice shop on Sunday for a two hours shoot! Couldn't wait for her to launch because it's gonna be a MEGA $9.90 collection!!!!! Be sure to check it out because you will def regret if you missed it! Beatrice came over to collect her sponsored stuff and had a short gossiping session with them. Bought crepe for clarice and myself. Left the place with Beatrice and her bf because I'm heading home for dinner. 

Having a lot of exams/projects lately so please bear me if I don't update this space as often as before. :( 



"Hand sanitizes and scent portable from Bath & Body Works directly imported from United States, 100% authentic and safe to use."

Am so excited when Pocketwithloves approached me because I've been dying to lay my hands on these babies and I just couldn't find the perfect scent that I wanted all along. Do read to the very end because there's gonna be a giveaway!!! Here's what I've picked: 

Here's what the generous owner had sent me!! Picked 8 different flavors and I couldn't wait to use them anywhere and everywhere. Time to hang on my handbags and school bags, yay!!! She gave me a scent portable car freshener visor clip but I think i'm gonna hang inside my wardrobe to keep my apparels smell niceeeee. My favorite scent has got to be the fresh strawberries! Love it. ;) 

AND GUESS WHAT!! Pocketofloves is kind enough to throw in another five more and I've decided to give you girls as a belated valentine's day gift!

Ranging from Cherry Londong, Lime Rome, Fruit Punch Vegas, Wildberry Chicago, Aloha Hawaii.

Took a quick peek of smelling and I love the Fruit Punch Vegas and Aloha Hawaii!!! It smells so great....

I will be picking 5 winners on Instagram and mailing it to you for free, no postage charges so don't worry!

All you have to do is:

- Follow me on Instagram (@Locklovez)
- Like their facebook page (Pocketwithloves)
- Comment on my Instagram giveaway photo 
" I love Pocketwithloves!!! "

Winners will be announced this friday! All the best!!! 

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