2014 Chinese New Year

Happy belated chinese new year to all of my readers! Gonna be posting some photos of what happened that day and pictures of my relati...

Happy belated chinese new year to all of my readers! Gonna be posting some photos of what happened that day and pictures of my relatives and family :) My maid came over early in the morning to my place cuz she's gonna join us for that day! Took an hour or so to prepare and my mum wanted to take some family photos so here it is! 

So annoyed at my little brother because he isn't cooperating!! 

Thanks to my maid for helping us taking family photos every year!! ;) Headed over to grandma house for visiting! Before we reached the place, me and my bro wanted to take some OOTD pictures first before going up hahahhaa. What's CNY without an ootd?!?!? 

Here's my grand ma :)

 After grandma place, we headed over to dua pei gong place. Didn't take any pictures because I was lazy! Next stop was Huizhi's place, i didn't whip out my camera to take any pictures too. Sorry guyzzz cny day 1 is over!! Yes... My cny is that boring! :(

Woke up early as usual and took and hour or so to prepare. My maid didn't came over because she's already at my grand ma place preparing food! Before we went up to grand ma's place, as usual.... ootd pictures!!! One is never enough for me so kudos to my brother for helping me!! Decided to use a baby pink lipstick to match my babydoll spag dress. 

Fooled around with bro and chloe, had lunch and basically nua the rest of the day :( Mum was gambling and I didn't wanted to gamble with adults cuz it's awkard?? So me and my bro was so bored throughout the entire day!! Couldn't remember if we went anywhere else but yep... That's end of day 2!!

 No where to head to for cny day 3 morning/afternoon becuz mum friends are coming over for mahjong session. And this little fella came along, she's so gorgeous!!! Her curls are natural but her skin is really really dry.. and she's only 3?!  Prepared after mum friends left! Heading over to bel's place to collect angbaos. 

Lighting was really bad so I couldn't take a better ootd :( Went up to their place and it was as awkward as hell becuz bel and del was busy doing their stuffs so i'm alone :( Played with huizhi's dog for a little while and went down with bro for a short walk...... Stayed till 9pm and left. That's how I spent my day1,day2,day3 of chinese new year every year.. Hoping to go on a holiday next year during cny ;)

CNY visiting with my clique!!! Headed over to Noel's place first and gambled for 5 rounds and we left to my place!! Gambled for 5 rounds to and ate a little stuff before we head to Nihui's place. Played with her dog, took some pictures and gambled too!! Took a bus to Peiying's place, watched TV for quite some time and ate some CNY snacks. Left her house around 8pm to Karyee's place!! Stayed there for really long becuz we ordered pizza delivery and chit chatted.... gambled for at least 2 hours?? Took a MRT back home, indeed a long day!!! 

Thank you love for coming over and helping me with my adv shoots and spending some quality time with me. ;) 

Some of the shoots using my ip5s.

Oh and I realized I did a Japan haul video but I forgot to publish it out to all of you!! Here it is....

Do drop a comment/question on my ask.fm!!! And you could always let me know what kind of video you would want me to do!! Am considering to do a bf does the gf make up tag video!!


Here's something I would like to share with all of you how to shop safely ONLINE

Each and everyone of you have tried shopping online before, am i right? And what are the chances that you will meet a scammer? 90%? 70%? 50%? You will never know!!! I, myself love to shop online and I have met some or should I say quite a few irresponsible blogshop owners? 

Recently I've heard that an Instagram shop sells polaroids and organized a giveaway, BUT when people pay up. They never receive their items.. And a few weeks later, that instagram was gone?? YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED. I've heard that she scammed around 5-10k. That's def a lot... Hey karma will strike you down!!!

And I saw on Instagram that this particular instagram shop sponsored quite a few well known bloggers but when it comes to ordinary customers who just wanna buy apparels from her. The owner gave her shitty attitude and even gave the wrong apparel to her?? Wtf is wrong with you???????? You want to get your Instagram shop popular?? Be sure to treat all your customers equal! 

Oh on a side track, I RLLY HATE PPL WHO SAYS "trades pls?" It is efffffing irritating.

"Cyber criminals have also been seen setting traps, by creating fake websites that are presented professionally, selling products with significantly lowered prices to encourage you to submit your credit card information to them. Buyers from these websites will potentially receive counterfeit of the items they bought, or even not receiving anything at all!" 

Firstly, If you saw something on instagram and you really wanna get it. Go ahead! Get in contact with the seller. But before you do that, you might wanna read the reviews/comments if she/he had posted on their insta. If everything is fine, ask for meet up locations/dates or her account number so you could transfer to her if you're getting it my postage. 

PLEASE opt for registered postage whenever you are shopping, you will never know when will the date that your normal postage parcel will go missing. I own a Instagram shop too, (@shop_monsterjo). My customers are always opting for normal postage, I do provide video proof to show that I really did mail out. If not, when they don't receive their parcels.. they could always turn back and come biting me. AM mails or Smartpac is good too!! 




"The Wallflower Shop is a Singapore-based online shopping store founded in 2013. Our team here is passionate and committed in providing a wide range of quality and fashionable women's clothing at very afforable prices. Our products are specially handpicked by our team and regularly updated to reflect the lastest fashion trends. With a user-friendly shopping store, we aim to provide all of our customers with a simple and enjoyable shopping experience.   

Shop with us today ❤"

This is my third time working with thewallflowershop!! Really grateful to have them as my sponsor! Here's what they have send me: 

Smitten Kitten Blouse

This top is just kittens all around it! Isn't it so adorable?? Could be worn both front and back! Quality is assured! Easy to match because it's super casual! Pssstt they are having a sale right now! Be sure to check out their sales tab!! If I were you, I wouldn't want to miss it out! 

Quote "jolenexwallflowershop" to get $1 off your total bill (INCLUDING SALES!!)

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