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50 Facts about me!!!!! (part 1) I've finally found some time to do this so here it goes......... 1. I don't really ...

50 Facts about me!!!!!
(part 1)

I've finally found some time to do this so here it goes.........

1. I don't really care how I portray my image in school.

My teachers has been asking my to sit properly etc..... I talk and talk and talk a lot of bullshits during lessons and I don't bother about my messy hair hahahaha. My hair is always in a mess, all of my friends would say "Jo your hair very messy" I know i know.. I can't help it, my baby hairs are everywhere. My skirt is not short so don't say my skirt short ok + I don't even wear lens to school (sometimes I do tho.... if i'm not lazy, which is twice in a month? lolllll)

2. I am so lazy I can choose not to get up from my bed the whole day.

Everyone is lazy.... so am I! I am even more lazy during holidays, I can choose not to bathe/eat the whole day if I'm at home alone. Yes, I am that lazy. But if I step out of the house I would shower first!! "There are no ugly girls, there are only lazy girls." 

3. It's all about purple and pink

My bag, bed sheet, phone cover, comb, bracelets, phone cable, pillows and contact lens is all in purple!!! I have quite a number of purple and pink apparels hahaha. Too crazy over purple and pink??

4. I'm always wearing sandals/ flats cuz me and my bf height

If u realized that all my ootd pictures are in the same sandals.... that's cuz me and my bf r around the same height! If I would to wear heels, I would look weird beside him????? 

5. I like to burp hahahaha

Yep I like to burp.. Sometimes just to annoy people, esp my bf and friends around me. Or maybe burping is just in my blood?? Even my older brother loves to burp. Hahahaha my bf would "ew'" and burp back at me urgh

6. I LOVE shopping 

Be it online or going out to shop.. I just have to buy something. If not I'll be pissed?!? But I hate it when I over spend T_T I need to earn back the money!!! Even tho I quite cheapo sometimes... like I wouldn't spend over $25 on a apparel becuz it's simply too overpriced???? But if I'm buying something for someone I love/care about. That's a different thing. I would be willing to spend on the thing!

7. I used to be in a Concert Band

I love playing trumpet since the day I joined concert band as my CCA in secondary school days. But I mixed with the wrong friends and started skipping CCAs during my sec 4 period?? Totally regretting it now but over the past few yrs, I would randomly head back to sec sch to visit wwcb!! 

8. I have perfect eyesight

I like to wear contact lens becuz it makes my eyes look bigger.. I am crazy over contact lens but at the same time I could live without it. Haha I don't go to the market/ nearby with my lens on obviously.... Only when I dress up to somewhere with my bf or shoots! I have over 10 lens that I've yet to open???? I started wearing contact lenses when I was 16! I love grey & violet lenses!!!!!

9. I hate hot weathers!!!!!!

I can't take the sun, i hate sweating!!! Becuz when I start to sweat, I rlly sweat a lot. Urgh!! I would be pissed off and push anyone away who tries to stick close to me. My bf gets it all the time ahahhahaha. So usually I would be in sleeveless shirts, even at home I would be in my tanktop. NO LONG SLEEVE SHIRTS!

10. My room is always in a mess

No matter how much I try to pack my room... It would always be in a mess. But it looks neat to me tho :D 

11. I am crazy over socks

I have over 30 pairs of cutie pie socks but I don't wear em cuz it's too cute to be worn!!!!!! Be it strawberries, superman, bunnies, heart, princess, stripes, pandas, super heros. You name it, I have it!! 

12. I love to buy polaroid films

I LOVE KEEPING ITTTTTT, I don't use em cuz it's too cute???? I know it's a waste of $.. DONT WORRY, I will still use it when I have the time to!!! I know there's expiry date etc... Wanna know where I get my polaroid films from?? @Instaxmoment (instagram) He's a good guy!!

13. I used to own a DIY online store

I love DIY-ing things!! Esp rings, I could transform anything into a ring hahahaha. I even held a house flea 3-4 years ago!! And to my surprise, there was quite a number of girls who came over and supported me! But I closed down the online store cuz I was lazy haha. But now i'm selling dream catchers on my instagram shop! 

14. I used to work at banquets

Ya I do work ok!!! Only when I'm not lazy... I miss working at banquet and serving ppl!! It makes me happy when customers r happy. I started working at banquet with my older bro.. followed by my baby girl chinboon! Worked for at least 6 months before I started schooling in ITE. I love working at banquets cuz I like making new friends!!!! Me and chinboon got to know a girl called Alina. And we three clicked rlly well!! Started working at different hotels and going out tgt..... :') Miss those days!! 

15. I am always bored

No matter what I'm doing, I will always feel bored. Even when I'm doing something I like, 5 mins later I would be saying "so boring". It's just me?? 

16. No matter how skinny I am, I still have that chubby face

This is how I look like 3 years ago. I weight 37kg but I still have that chubby face with me?!?!?!?!? Urgh, till now ok..... I know I look like crap hahahahhaha

17. I love my mum

I'm 18 and I still hold my mum's hand whenever we go out, cuz I'm always a kid in her eyes. 

18. I am late queen

I will always be late when I meet my customers or friends. Not always la but sometimes!! But I hate it when I have I wait for people??? ESP MY BF!!! Hate waiting for my bf..... But I will change, I won't be late next time!!!!! 

19. I love watching movies with my bf

Me and my bf could watch movies at the cinema everyday. Like rlly everyday??!!!! Just count the amount $ we spend.... 

20. I am a cry baby

I always cry in front of my bf over small matters hahaha. Like rlly over anything sia, even when he eats my snacks or I hit on to something or whatever. Hahahahahaha!! 

21. I hate salesman??

Esp when I'm with my mum!! Argh stop talking to my mum!! I will give super super black face to the salesman who's tryin to convince my mum into buying something?? Tsk that's it 

22. I could spend hours in NTUC / fair price.

I love grocery shopping!!!! No matter who I'm with, I could spend hours there! Buying snacks and everything yahoooo.

23. I couldn't live without my phone. 

I'm always using my phone wherever I go, sometimes my friends/ bf gets annoyed cuz my eyes are glued to my phone haha. Actually I'm doing nothing, just scrolling here and there. Twitter > Instagram > Facebook > ask.fm > clumsy ninja > twitter > Instagram and the list goes on. Plus I love to zilian sooooo yep hahah!! 

24. I don't have much friends during my seconday school days

These people, who were there for me even tho my results sucks and everything. Thank you Amalina, Syafinaz, Sufiah, Haniss, Julian, Harris & Zhixuan!! More outings to come :) See you all soon!

25. I'm 160cm tall




Had a shoot with mayfair recently, and I should totally share with u guys what I bought home with me!!! Clarice would always say "I know you wanna bring home everything" hahaha that's so true!!

Red Polka Dot Tshirt

I told y'all I was a fan of polkadot!! How could I not miss this?! Match it with a romper or a simple denim shorts and your outfit is complete!! I don't have much red shirts so... this is a keeper!!! It's too cute to resist.

Basic Bandeau Top in Lilac & Baisc Highwaist shorts in White

I love lilac!!!! Plus it's a bandeau top so it's super chilly and I don't need to be afraid of the hot sun!! It's available in 3 colours, black/white/lilac. Couldn't make up my mind to choose which colour at the start becuz it's all too nice. I matched it with mayfair's basic hw shorts in white! Their shorts are selling like hot cakes!! Comes in three different colours too, black/blue/white. I don't have any white shorts so I kept that! It's rlly easy to pair with so I don't have any worries!

Don't miss out their high waist pants cuz they r selling like hotcakes now!! It's either pending or sold but clarice should be backordering for it! Head over to www.shopatmayfair.com now!

Follow them at their ig: @shopatmayfair. Wanna be sponsored by em'? You just simply have to repost the photo of your choice of apparel and stand a chance to be sponsored by mayfair!



"TPG is solely managed and handled by Zaira. TPG is an online-based boutique based in Singapore and is founded in 2013. All of our products consist of items carefully hand-picked from all over the world and in the near future, adding on our own TPG label! We are relatively new but we ensure efficient services and hope for happy customers at the end of the day!  Our items are priced affordable for every female, students and working adults."

This is my first time working with thatpetitegirl and I already like their service!! They are efficient in replying emails, which made me smile! And look at their apparels, all so nice!! What's there to hesitate?

Aprilbelle Simple Print Top in Pastel Green

Love this shade of green!! And it's a tank!! So I would totally see myself wearing this super often. You could wear this to the beach, or out with your friends!  Simple and casual top to make your day a better one :) 

Head over to shop now!!


Donkeyshop is an instagram shop and they're selling contact lens!! Did I mention that I love collecting lens? Thank you donkeyshop! They are selling luxury lenses, 1 pair for $9, three pairs for $25 and five pairs for $40 with free normal mail & lens casing!

I've picked Aurora 3 Tone- Green and Autumn 3 tone- Grey. But she's no longer selling that already! She's selling luxury lenses. Her preorder is closing tomorrow, 28th of October. And best part? It only takes around 4-6 days to arrive!! Don't worry she doesn't scams cuz she posted quite a few reviews given from her customer!! 101% trustworthy! :-)

To simply order: http://tiny.cc/06u34w. Fill in the order form! Or head over to her instagram at: @donkeyshop_. Happy shopping girls!

Quote "locklovez" to enjoy a dollar off total bill! 

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