Shopatmayfair   "Started in June 2013, we are an online blogshop based in the little red dot, Singapore, looking to provide gi...

"Started in June 2013, we are an online blogshop based in the little red dot, Singapore, looking to provide girls with pretty trendy apparels at pocket-friendly prices. 

Our vision would be to in the future build up our variety of items and go on to sell other items such as accessories, shoes and bags that are equally important to every princess!

Starting off small, we hope to one day be able to reach our dreams of opening a brick and mortar store in Sunny Singapore here itself! Although big, we believe that one day it will be reality.

Every little support we get from each customer counts.

Everyone is a princess when shopping wtih us!"

I've been working with Mayfair for quite a while already and I've got to keep a lot of things!! So I have to share with you girls what I've kept. When I first started working with her, I was quite amazed by their prices. Because all their apparels were less than what.... $15.90?! That's seriously crazy! Where to find such cheap apparels... Plus it's all INSTOCK. Do let me know if you come across another store which sells so cheap la!!! I've been delaying their post... So here's two of the items that I've kept!

Sailor collar top

They aren't selling this anymore becuz I got this quite long ago!! If i'm not wrong it's around 1 month ago, and I couldn't find the time to shoot for this piece of apparel! It comes in white and blue, I wanted the white one at first but it was out of stock already! I think this outfit looks good in pinafore/rompers, will try matching em' one day! Plus the material is comfy and chilly. I'm not a fan of apparels with sleeves but this top rlly caught my eyes cuz it's too nice to let it go! 

Light wash denim tote

I am a huge fan of totes so.... I would def get this piece! It comes in two colours, light wash and dark wash. Obviously.. me being me, I kept both of it!! I've been bringing out the totes quite often cuz it's A3 size and I could stuff a lot of things inside. Best for shopping use!!! There's quite a few insta shop selling this tote around $18 or so? But guess what.. Mayfair is only selling em' at $14.90!!!!! What the flying sorcery right?! It's on backorder right now becuz of the overwhelming response!! 

And do remember to check our their sales section, they are having a sales called "Mix and Match bags". Their apparels are so cheap alr somemore still have sales section!?!?! It's seriously a steal!!!! One piece for $9.90, 4 pieces for $35 and 6 pieces for $45. If you get 6 pieces, one apparel is only for god damn $7.50. You girls all like cheap cheap and pretty things right... Stop hesitating and head over to shop!!! 

Pssstttt guess what? They're launching their new collection by this week! Be sure to mark your calanders. 

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