First Semester

  It all started out with the first three days of orientation, didn't went for the Pre-FOP thou! Thankfully me and Peiying (ITE Cl...

It all started out with the first three days of orientation, didn't went for the Pre-FOP thou! Thankfully me and Peiying (ITE Classmate) went into the same course and we were hoping to get into the same class. (but not so lucky one la)
Got to know to new friends during the Orientation, apparently most of them had this "ah-lian" impression towards me and after they got to know me, their impression totally changed!! Means I'm actually friendly and easy to talk to ok!! :)
Some of my snapchat screenshots
Here are a few snippets of me and my classmates! A class consists of 25 students. We had 5 modules for each semester. One semester is probably around 13 weeks/ 3 months and there will be two exams (MSA, ESE). Didn't really got close to them during the first few weeks because everyone was shy and awkward. However, the last few weeks of the first semester then some of us started to get closer!

Speaking of my first class right now, I definitely miss the fun times we had! Every semester, there's a change in classes so in my opinion, the first semester class I was in is the best!

Plus... The thing I miss the most is my crazy hair colour! Went in to school with my purple + pink hair for the first semester and I changed in during the second semester (before I got caught for outrageous hair colour - more info in the next post!).

Lost quite a few photos but I'll try my best to source it out and post it here.

The Red Dot event during SG50

Not forgetting about my little pup, Sugar! He's currently 1 year old going 2. His instagram is @shugerlicious.

During my studies in RP, I've graduated from ITE College West! After 3 years (Nitec - Tourism, Higher Nitec - Passenger Service), I've finally left ITE! Studied well to ensure a position in polytechnic.

Had a shoot with Fliz one day after my school at Indoor Sports Hub. Hell, it was a long journey from woodlands all the way to Stadium. Do give him a thumbs up by following his Instagram @Alfrescoexpress. Can't wait to have more shoots with him!

And yes! We are currently together for 3 years going to 4 this coming July 2016.

My crazy secondary school friends, they were there for me through my hard times in secondary school. So thankful for them! Been quite a while since we last met, can't wait for another meet up already!?

Our class went to Orchard for some random field trip and we went to the escape maze and it was tough to escape?!

Dropped by City Plaza for some shopping and OOTD with Minchin before meeting my bf and his friends for pool!

Another shoot with Fliz during one of my free days after school! Loving the concept "Minimal".

Yet again, another field trip to town and these are my group mates for the Tourism module!

Went to DreamWorks art museum because I thought it was unique and cool?! Thanks BF for bringing me there!

 Last day of the semester and we took quite a few selfies before saying goodbye!

Dropped by warehouse miyoc sales with Minchin and gosh, it was a disappointment. She didn't bought anything at all while I bought only 1 or 2 items.

Ending of this post with pictures of my BF and I! Thank you all for reading and do pardon me if there's grammar/sentence mistake.

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