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Have you heard about the Mega Flea Market 9?! It's held at Suntec!! It's over already duh. Mayfair had a boo...

Have you heard about the Mega Flea Market 9?! It's held at Suntec!! It's over already duh. Mayfair had a booth there so I went over to help her with michelle. I did shop too!! But I just got a bag, nail foils and stickers..... The crowd wasn't as good as the previous fleas (heard from clarice), so sales wasn't that great but I think it's not bad! Thank you for those who came down to support :) Clarice managed to clear quite a lot of old stocks so yay to the new stocks that are coming! The flea was from 11am to 10pm, yes! We stayed till 10pm!! IT Fair was directly above the Flea market so I went there with Michelle and I saw the ex2f that I wanted to get!!!! The guy gave me a good price for it so I called my mum straight away la hahaha and mum said she would accompany me down tmr. 

Me and my mum headed to Suntec the next day and we went to the IT Fair first. Mayfair only booked one day, and on sunday, the booth was managed by my relative! They shared rental fees, in case you're wondering. One word to describe the flea = boring. As boring as yesterday!! Crowd wasn't really good too and the stalls are much pretty the same people from yesterday. IT Fair here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Bought Canon Powershot g1x in the end, super happy!!!! I guess.. when it comes to camera. Canon is def better than samsung! 

Here are some of the photos that I took after I got to lay my hands on my baby cam!!!! Yay to better quality images!! Can't wait to show you the rest of the photos :)

Btw i'm thinking of doing a Q&A vlog. Any suggestions? 



Visit&Buy is an instagram store and has a webpage! They open preorders selling dr marts, converse shoes, and fish eye lens. They do have instocks too! Head over to their instagram to take a look. Here's my pick in their preorder!

(photo credits: Weixin)

Floral 2 piece set

What I like about 2 piece set is I don't need to be so vexed about what to pair my top or bottom with what, and I could wear them separately. Floral prints are such a lovely thing, and it's perfect for a date with my girls! 

Head over now to visit&buy to get your awesome goodies! They are selling A&F/Hollister shirts!! Do follow them up at instagram to receive more updates!

For more info about their store:

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