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Headed to town last Wednesday to get a floral screen protector and phone casings for my baby iphone5.    Decided to doll up mysel...

Headed to town last Wednesday to get a floral screen protector and phone casings for my baby iphone5.  

 Decided to doll up myself at home...... Advert for Biore Cleansing wipes will be up soon ;)

Met love on Saturday to chill, watch movie <Frozen> and eat. <Frozen> is GOOD!!! I highly recommend you all to watch it.

Clarice came over on Sunday night and stayed till Tuesday. Met Clarice at JE and off we go to my home, had chester with her around 11pm. Headed back home and we started playing maple haha, she brought her laptop over to my place to do some work and maple with me.

On Monday morning, Clarice went over to east side to collect her new camera. Oh boy she was so damn excited!!! She came over my place again in the night and as usual, we went to grab some food at market and came back home playing maple.

Next day, Tuesday, Clarice and I decided to head over to Lakeside to shoot! She wants to play with her new camera so she helped me and took quite a few pictures for my advert! Will blog about my adverts soon.

Woke up early in the morning today, bathed and prepared, left the house to vivo and met Clarice. Had an outdoor shoot for collection 13. I hate the weather!!!! The sun is seriously INSANE, I mean what I said. Plus this collection comes with a lot of pullovers/long sleeves/ jackets, but... I promise it's gonna be nice. Ended around 1, made our way down to Mcdonalds for a drink and off we go!!

Headed back to JP to collect my registered parcel and while I was on my way to take the bus, chanced upon my baby girl, Sufiah. Accompanied her for a little while cause she's waiting for our friend. Went back home...... Home sweet home.....

I have 3 ulcers and it's killing me... did some last minute packing for my overseas trip. This would be my last post for this month (hopefully not), because i'm heading to Japan for one week. COULDN'T WAIT!! I'm flying tomorrow, yay!!! NEED TO SURVIVE IN THE COLD WEATHER, I LOVE YOU SNOWWWWW.



"Tea For Three is a web store for fashion forward girls."

When they say it's for fashion forward girls, they really mean it!! From classy dresses to girly and even casual. Thanks to their efficient service, I received my parcel two days later. I've even talk about the jacket they sponsored me in my haul video. It's rlly comfy! 

Varsity Jacket

You could already tell how comfy it is in the pictures. It's in a cool colour so it'll match with any outfit you're wearing plus the jacket is able to keep you warm during cold days because it's really thick. I'm bringing it to Japan... so there would be more pictures of me in it!! 

They recently updated their site with new products and I really love their suede bags!! 

For more info

Webstore: teaforthree.sg

Quote "JOLENE10" to get 10% discount off ;)


Desummerdaze is a newly opened blogshop which mainly sells girl apparels. And the owner is super friendly and efficient in replying emails. Thank you desummerdaze for the lovely apparels, here's my pick:

White Lightning Sleeveless Crop Top

I am a fan of crop tops so this apparel def caught my eyes!! I love how the neon pink lightning strikes, simple yet casual piece. In comes in black too, you guys would def see me wearing this out often. If you're uncomfortable with it being sleeveless, they have it with sleeve!!

Black Stripes HighWaist Short

I've always been wanting to get a stripes short, but no idea where to get them and i'm thankful that they have it! In comes in a lovely shade of red too, couldn't decide which to pick at the start but I guess black one would have suited me more. They stated on their web that it's in a premium quality and I do have to agree with them, it's comfy and relaxing to wear it.

Be sure to check out their newest collection, I really like the Holy Anchor Tie-Dye shirt too!!

For more info,

Webstore: desummerdaze.blogspot.sg
Instagram: instagram.com/desummerdaze

Quote "Jolene1" to save $ on postage and get free normal mail. 

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