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Did a little shoot at home for @lovelyitemss' 15th may collection. Be sure to check out my adv for snailwhite!!...

Did a little shoot at home for @lovelyitemss' 15th may collection. Be sure to check out my adv for snailwhite!! ;) 

Miss my love so much that night... 

 Went for a shoot with walkthewalkco and here are the photos!! Really love the topshop slip ons.. Want to get them so badly but love says that it's a school shoe.. T_T Check out their newest collection at walkthewalk.co!! 

Met Vee the other day at Chinatown for a shoot! So happy because I finally get to see her?! Can't wait for our next outing to get some waffles ice cream??!?!?! :')  Took a few polaroids after shoot and went take the MRT with vee. Headed over to Shaw to fetch my bf after his work! 

So glad that i'm able to meet him after a week of not seeing him. We walked around while thinking of what to eat... Andddd we ate Charlie and co if i'm not wrong?!?! Hahahah!! Took a few polaroids with my love after his work. ;)

It was really awesome!! Located at Ion Orchard basement (same floor as 4 fingers).

Walked around Orchard and went into f21 + topshop. Wanted to get that pair of ripped denim shorts from f21 but it was too loose for me :( So we headed over to topshop and I saw the loafers that I wanted!! Forgot to check the price but love says the pure white one looks like a school shoe... 

Love sending me home as usual!!! :) Miss him so much and I couldn't wait to meet him again. 

While waiting for Sammi at Outram Mrt.... She decided to play a prank on me and head to ClarkeQuay Mrt herself HAHAHA jk she forgot that we were meeting at Outram. Wanna box her!! Finally we met at CQ, I used google map because we didn't knew how to walk over. Went to Playhouse first and we saw Clarie and Jov!!! Headed over for a short catch up and pictures. 

A group selfie with the girls! And we went to Dream together... 

Another group photo with the girls before heading off to Playhouse for another round of shopping! So happy to meet them because they are such a joy??!! Some of em is my first time meeting/talking to them and we all click so well already?? Mayb because we very sampat (quoted from ellen) HAHAH!!! Love y'all!! 

Hola Sammi!!! Thank you so much for the date on Saturday. Really appreciate it hehe. Can't wait to meet you soon with your ripped jeans (provided if the weather's good!). Thank you for the ootd pictures! I know i'm a burden hahahhaha!! But you still love me anywyay :')

My ootd featuring @Thesalle's Tropical cutout top in black. Thank you so much for this lovely piece! Do remember to shop with them because they only bring on pretty apparels and shoes! Mad love for their gold/holo loafers. Might even consider to get one for myself! 

A throwback photo with my love!! Can't wait to see him this Thursday for a dinner date after his work ;) Watch X-men and it's really damn good la!!!! 

Thank you girls for reading my post! Just started dayre.me/locklovez, do remember to follow me for little updates before I blog!



"Da PinkRubbish was established in 2013.
As a fashion retailer, we want to bring to shoppers a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience.
We believe in bringing in the best quality product for all our customers.
We manufacture our stickers making sure it's one of a kind and different from what you see outside. All stickers material are exclusive to Dapinkrubbish."

Supreme Crop Top

Such a basic crop for daily wear! Materiel is comfy and oversized enough, can't wait to go to the beach and wear this over my bikini! It's been ages since I went to swim :( Paired this crop with my boyfriend ripped denim jeans and it still look good! Mix and match with any styles to be creative girls ;)

Marvel Armhole Tank

Another basic wear from dapinkrubbish. Could wear them tucked in or tucked out, up to you! A comfy casual wear for normal days. Couldn't wait to wear this out asap, love this tank because it has a few of my favourite superheros in it! Have you guys watch x-men?? It's damn cool right?!??! 

Follow them on IG and keep a track of their new launch that's coming up on 10th June! 

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