What is Lemmeprint all about? They are founded on April 2012. "LEMMEPRINT, is a webstore based in Singapore, specializing in cus...

What is Lemmeprint all about?

They are founded on April 2012.
"LEMMEPRINT, is a webstore based in Singapore, specializing in customised smartphone cases for the most Samsung and iPhone users. LEMMEPRINT also provides customisation of mugs."

Always using the same phone covers as your friends??? Then they will start juding you by saying "copycat" or what so ever? FRET NOT!! Lemmeprint is here for you. They not only provide Iphone4/5, S2/3/4/NOTE.... they even have IPAD casing and MUGS!

This is my old purple ombre casing which i've been using for months.

Thank you lemmeprint for this Patrick casing, loving it's high quality image! Now I can take photos of myself while showing off the super adorable patrick casing!
P/s: It's not like any other normal iphone casing ok!! The image is super clear & it even has a layer of glitter! 

Here are a few casings that caught my eyes!!

This two has got to be my favourite casings!!!!! It's so pink and glittery!! 

 They even have couple casings!!!!! So adorable right?!?!? Affordable price somemore leh!

A big fan of minions!?! Lemmeprint is the right place for you!! 

Non of these casings caught your eyes? No worries people! Lemmeprint offers customization for you all! Just email them your desired picture you would like to be on your iphone!

Love adventure time or huf? Just email them any images!

  Pictures from google

To be honest, I have tons of iphone casings and none of them really pleased me. When I say tons... I mean like 30 of them. I used to have couple casings with my bf. Not those cheesy kinds.... It's just a normal turquoise/white/black stripes casing but not anymore cuz he changed his phone to S3! And i'm using a purple ombre casing previously! But now, i'm using the Lemmeprint's patrick casing! I'm happy with the quality, their customer service and their fast delivery!

For more updates on their store/ more designs of their casings:
Webstore: www.lemmeprint.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lemmeprint
Instagram: www.instagram.com/lemmeprint
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lemmeprint

Quote "locklovez" and get 15% off total bill! 
P/s: Only valid for 2 weeks! 

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