Working with Esther and weixin 2-3 weeks ago at MBS was great!  Here are some of the photos, w...

 Working with Esther and weixin 2-3 weeks ago at MBS was great! 

Here are some of the photos, will be blogging about her web store soon!! Mad love for the daisy romper and daisy denim skirt so bad that i had to get it!! 

Another day spent with the boy, caught a movie but I forgot what move it is... Top is from esther's web store too!! I bought it cuz it was too nice............... My bf's 5 panel cap is from Kvlture.  

Yum yum, another day spent with the boy!! Top from Wearhaus, caught <City Of Bones>. It is a good movie!!! Had our lunch before catching the movie cuz I was complaining about how hungry I am :')

My boy helped me with the shoots for my ads! Thank you sweet little thing.. So besides him helping me with my shoots, I just had to zi pai with my bf right. HAHA 

Happy birthday Erina!!!! 
Here's a group picture of my #yolo clique! 

Exams are around the corner and I just set for BEV paper yesterday, next up is ITI on tuesday. Looking forward to holidays and most importantly.... Looking forward to my BKK trip with joey in between the 3 weeks of holiday!!!! 


So.... there is a day when I saw they were looking for models and I just tried my luck by sending in my resume. And I was chosen!!!! Don't worry! They are still constantly looking for new faces :') You could give it a try! She's super easy to click along with, we already have so many things to talk about!! 

For their first collection, apparels would be priced at $15 or below!! Attractive price right!? Guarantee that there won't be any auntie apparels! 

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