BF x Teachers' Day x Bryan's birthday

Was rushing to do my ad shoots yesterday, thank you b for the photos! Head over to his house ye...

Was rushing to do my ad shoots yesterday, thank you b for the photos! Head over to his house yesterday to chill and do some work. Late at night he caught flu after I helped him dyed his hair. He dyed violet brown red if i'm not wrong? Not really sure either.. I know that some of you would be thinking... "why red!?" I know right, i dont know why does he wants red either. So yepppp met my customers in the afternoon and we went to bought his hair dye! 

Chang chang chang chang!!! It's teachers' day!! Headed back to west wood with my bestie and bro.. While on the way to school, we actually missed a stop ^_^ And it was raining heavily, awesome right? So we had to cross the road and take a bus back haha, the distance was quite long ok. When we reached school, I had a short talk with a few of my friends + teachers! Whenever I go back to school, the first person I would find is Diana kang!!! I used to detest her because I hated POA during secondary 4 cuz I couldn't do well in it. If i'm not wrong, I manage to pass my POA in N levels. :') 

Once the concert ended, we made our way down to Far east plaza! Meh it was such a boring place...... Xiang dang nian I always like to go there shop. Had KFC for lunch and I bought nail foils with bestie! I had to stick it immediately once i reached home haha. The quality wasn't that good compared to the ones I got at pasar malam.... So, here's a photo of it! 

Went back home after realizing we have nothing to buy after walking at ION! She went to her bf house while I went home~~ I am seriously SO pissed at singpost!! I have yet to receive my parcels for at least 7 days already la................


*updated* I've received all my 8 parcels!!! One of em includes my pixaroll photos! 

Happy birthday to my older brother, Bryan (@taetahrik)!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday and the penny board we gave you! :-)

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