MichieMochie "Michiemochie is run by Michelle who have a passion for handcrafts and picked up sewing ever since. She have alway...

"Michiemochie is run by Michelle who have a passion for handcrafts and picked up sewing ever since. She have always dream of having her own store since young. As a fanatic for DIY and handcrafts herself, she wants to present the best to those who love it as well. She places quality over anything and aspire to provide all with handsewn products, made with love. 

Every single product is unique, adding a personal touch to it. 

Michelle loves going everywhere looking for fabrics and can never get tired looking for new ones. Making pouches to bags is never a chore but a kind of happiness to her. Watching people loving and being happy with the products made by her, would be the happiest thing that she can get from Michiemochie. 

She gets inspiration from anywhere, be it from the latest trends, from her friends and even on the streets!

//Fabric used are mostly cotton canvas and are locally sourced."

This shop that I'm gonna advert to you all is not an ordinary shop who sells apparels, they sell handmade stuffs!!! 100% handmade. MichieMochie specialize in making totebags, pouches, pencil cases, drawstring bags, tissue covers, laptop cases and even more! They even have customization services for you, so you will have a one of a kind hand made thing for yourself.
You will literally go crazy while choosing the suitable fabric for yourself, because they have tons of fabric. Be it pastel colours, cats, florals, tribal, neon, polkadot, stripes, daisies, camo, hounds tooth... They have it all! Happy choosing!!

I'm so excited to tell you girls what are my picks, here they are!

Navy Supreme 5-panel Cap

I love wearing caps, but I don't wear them out.. I only wear them when I take photos or go to some familiar places. I have tons of caps at home, i have a thing for caps! But dang, this cap has a velvet material all over it. It's way too comfy for a cap!! Way 2 go! I brought it along to my bkk trip and wore it when it's so sunny!!! This cap is a must :D

Pink Stripe Pouch

We all hate keeping coins in your wallet right? It just makes the whole wallet heavy and inconvenient to bring it around. But hey, MM has pouch for you girls! You could even keep your cards or ezlink card in it. Now you could bring them anywhere and everywhere you go and still look good while carrying it. 

Hologram Cross Pencil Case

I doubt I would even use this as a pencil case, it's too gorgeous!? Able to fit a lot of things as it has a base in it! You could even send in your own pictures that you would like to be printed on it. For me, I've decided to keep my daily stuffs that I need etc (contact lens case, eye drops, lip balm, keys, rubber bands, thumb drive, panadols and my fish eye lens). I'm really glad that i'm able to keep this baby. It's a need for me.

Polkadot Tote Bag

Holy moly, I have a thing for polka dots and bam, this tote bag caught my eyes instantly! And tote bags is a must for every girls out there! You could totally bring it anywhere you want to go, it matches outfits well too! Good thing about MM store is, you're able to customize too!!!!! And you could even choose to have reversible side, either way is happy for you. Bought this tote bag to bkk too to store my buys!!! And the material is quite strong to hold quite a lot of heavy stuff, thumbs up! 

Start choosing your fabrics now at michiemochie.com! For more updates about their store:

Webstore: michiemochie.com

Quote "locklovezmm" to receive a dollar off your total bill! 

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