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Hellooooooo!! Had CIE Phase test last Wednesday and here are the photos for y'all to see and for me to see in 5 years time, haha. Woke up super early just to shower and left the house with my formal wear. Bought the top at H&M for $14.90 and borrowed the skirt from XueLi, thank you!! Met Karyee at piazza and head to class together, super nervous for the test I swear!!! Suppose to take the test at 10am but there was some delay...... and finally!! It's my turn yay, had to do eyeshadow/ blusher & lipstick! After we are done with exam we still have lessons........... what a drag........




ModAffairs is an Instagram acount that sells bags and pouches! You'd love it because it's unique and affordable.

White daisy drawstring pouch

Look at how cute this pouch is!! Suitable for me to keep my Polaroid films or my keys!! It isn't that big and it isn't too small so it's perfect. There will def be days where you're super lazy to bring your bag out, this will work as well!!

 Black leather tote bag

I mentioned before that I have a thing for tote bags!!! I've been looking for a black tote bag for ages and i'm super happy when modaffairs approached me. I'd be more than glad to advertise for them! This tote is really big so I'm able to stuff a lot of things inside!

Red Sparrow drawstring bag

Brought this bag out with me cuz it's too cute to resist hahaha. I could stuff quite a lot of things inside too so it's a plus point!! Bags are easier to carry because no matter how heavy it is, the weight is on both shoulders. 

For more info about Modaffairs:

Quote "modxjo" to be entitled 5% off your total bill!

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