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Deng deng!! I've did a haul video, it's my first video so pls give chance. I used the wrong quality of video in my cam so.. i&#...

Deng deng!! I've did a haul video, it's my first video so pls give chance. I used the wrong quality of video in my cam so.. i'm sorry if it's blur!!! I lost my previous bf & gf tag video so I'd probably do one again with my bf soon :')  If y'all have any questions, do ask me at ask.fm/locklovez! 

Daebak!!!! Finally it's holidays :') Been watching <The Heirs> recently, recommend by a friend! Headed down to Jcube flea on Saturday with love and met Clarice! Bought a few apparels and I've did a haul video on it! Accompanied Clarice for a little while and shopped around with Beatrice too. Afterwards we had dinner with love and Clarice at Manhattan Fish Market, me and clarice couldn't finish it :(  Went off with love after we had our lunch, dinner at love's place. 




Gxnshot is an Instagram shop which sells tons of apparels, bags and shoes! You'll be super vexed on which items to choose from because there's really a lot of variety!!! I hard a hard time picking out my choices too....  Gxnshot's owner is rlly sweet!! I delayed this adv for quite some time due to my commitments and school and thank you for being so understanding!! Plus points for gxnshot's owner :* 

Paisley Denim Romper

I have this romper in the light version and I love the cutting so so much that I had to pick the dark one too! I have a total of 4 rompers in this cutting because it's comfy. You could wear it to town, nearby shopping malls or even when you're out to study because you don't have to plan on your outfit. Rompers are the best thing ever!! I love rompers and i'm sure that you girls love it too. ;)

Denim Grey Hoodie 

Hoodie is such a in thing now because it's December... AND it's been raining non-stop :( Afraid of cold?? This hoodie would be there to keep you warm, plus you don't have to worry about it being ugly cuz it's def not ugly at all!!

Gxnshot sponsored me with four items!! Will be letting you girls know what are the two items in my next blogpost ;) Be sure to check it out! You will def not regret shopping with her!

For more updates about Gxnshot:

Webstore: gxnshot.weebly.com
Instagram: instagram.com/gxnshot



Colourmycloset is an Instagram shop ran by @pamelakhoo! She recently had a flea at the Jcube flea I mentioned above, she'll be having a grab bag sale soon so stay tune! ;) Here's what pamela had send to me:

Mint Bustier Top

I have a thing for tops which is sleeveless becuz I couldn't stand the heat in Singapore. This top is way too cute and it's simple. I could wear this out when I go to nearby malls, thumbs up!!

Love You Ring

It's in neon pink, thank you pamela for this sweet ring!! Really liked it ;) They are selling tons of accessories over at their page!


Thank you for adding in the mask and badge, really appreciate it! :)

For more info:

Webstore: colourmycloset.blogspot.com
Instagram: instagram.com/colourmycloset
Email: colourmycloset.email@gmail.com

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