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Once we reached the airport, went to check in our luggages and waited for our relatives to have lunch with us...

Once we reached the airport, went to check in our luggages and waited for our relatives to have lunch with us cuz they are sending us off. Had Pasta Mania for lunch, didn't ate that much because I wasn't really hungry so pictures time!! 

Got up the plane and I wanna sit at the window seat so....... look at the view. It's so gorgeous! But most of the time I closed it cuz it was to bright and annoying. Watched a few movies and had our late lunch cum dinner provided by them. Oh we took Singapore Airlines! The fish and potato was deliciousssssss.

Our flight was 7 hours..... Touched down Tokyo around 11pm and it was freezing cold, was wearing only a shirt, jeans and a jacket. The hotel cab didn't came to fetch us because they mixed up with the wrong info so we had to hire a cab outside the airport when I feel the coldness. Woooo it's awesome but freezing cold, choing in the cab and off to the hotel! When we reached the hotel, Sakura Ikebukuro Hotel, the cab fare was 10,125+ yen which is around 128+ SGD. It's only an hour trip.Wtf.. I know right??? Cabs in Japan are super expensive. Say NO to cabs in Japan for the next 7 days! Sakura hotel is meant for backpackers so it's quite small but still can live in it one la ahaha. I shared the room with my mum while my brothers shared the room with my dad.

I had to eat my maggie mee using a knife that night becuz there wasn't any chopsticks around =_=

Woke up around 10am, Japan time, and prepared to head to the hotel's cafe for our breakfast! Breakfast was provided by the hotel because the hotel's cab didn't turn up, so they gave us free breakfast for the next 7 days! Walked over to my relative's hotel and while walking, we got lost hahaha. Had to ask people for help, so this kind girl walked us to the hotel. Japan people are super duper polite, kind, helpful and they respect everyone!

The waffles are awesome!! Super yummy!! Was quite surprised that they have Krispy Kreme here in Tokyo! Bought one for me and one for my bro. For the next 7 days, we wouldn't touch donuts anymore because we are sick of it.

They have all sorts of vending machines!! Be it pizza, icecream, chicken, fries, hot foods, cigg, drinks... You name it, they have it! A BAD THING ABOUT TOKYO IS, there are so limited dustbins........... We couldn't find dustbins to throw our litter half of the time. It's super annoying!! 

Walked around Tokyo, took some trains to some destinations... Couldn't remember where we went but I swear Tokyo's metro train maps are hell confusing. They have so many lines...... everywhere.... everywhere!!! Had pasta at some random shopping mall on 14th level. used chopsticks to eat pasta 0_0 

Walked around some shopping malls, really couldn't remember where we went to. My older bro bought a vans and I didn't got anything becuz everything was expensive... I like that pony panties tho but they don't have it in my size so..... bye. 

Went back to the hotel after a long day of walking... Me and my older bro decided to go out and shop by ourself! Apparently.. I bought nothing but socks and toys that I won from arcade... Went to a shopping mall called "OIOICITY". I've no idea why their shopping mall names here are so funny. The shops at Tokyo close around 9pm sg time. So it was kinda boring... I swear in Tokyo, their sun sets really quick.. Around 4.30pm sg time, it's already dark... by 5.30pm the sun is gone!!!! It seriously looks like 11pm instead of 5.30pm. This sucks!! While heading back to the hotel, bought takoyaki!!

There there, day 2 ended!

Stay tune to my next blog post for day 3 and 4 in Tokyo! 

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