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Won priority pass tickets to TBMflea soooo... Why not just go? Hahaha!! Arranged timings with my cousins and I met del at 9.30am, yes that early. Because it starts at 10.30am for priority pass holders. When we reached there, as usual.. There was a short queue, when we first stepped in...... We started shopping!!!! Bought a Chanel boy casing from WAR after that we headed to AIC and spent quite a bomb over there becuz everything is only at $8 each??!!!!! And I love shopping wtf how to stop shopping u tell me. Shopped till 12, the crowd wasn't really good (in my opinion) and there were quite a few stalls selling $15 and above. I mean it's a flea, why so ex!! 

Had lunch with del at subway, re packed our apparels and continued talking.... Waited outside subway for bel for 4 freaking god damn hours???!!!!!! We were about to die I swear. Love came over for a little while becuz he was working near us. 

After 4 hours passed.... Bel finally arrived!! Walked around the flea for one last time and nothing caught her eyes so we left.. Waited 4 hours for nothing WALAO. Accompanied bel to have her dinner at Burger King and home sweet home. 

This is only a short update, will be blogging about japan day 3 & 4 soon!! :)




LittleWhiteSheep is a Singapore-based online boutique / dedicated to bring you beautiful and edgy merchandises personally love and specially handpicked from all around the world. We would love to fill up your dream wardrobe with style and fashion!

Kathleen Bustier Tube in Pastel Mint

Fancy this bustier tube because it's in a lovely shade of mint and the material is so comfy! Wore this out to the TBM flea and uploaded an ootd picture on my IG. It even comes in pastel pink, the colour is really pastel and lovely. So you girls would def love it! Would wear this out really often because I love it.

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They recently launched a new collection so be sure to check it out!!!

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Quote "FREESHIPPING" to be entitled free local shipping and 25% off every 2nd piece purchase.

Here's the second part of the advert that I've talked about in the previous one! If you would like to view the first part of the advert (click here)

They really have a lot of variety for you to choose from. Be it shirts, shoes, bags, accessories, shorts, dresses, rompers, outerwear... They have it all and it's all in trend so you would def not regret shopping with them. The owner is really friendly too, that's why I love working with her. :) Here's what I've picked: 

Separate Zipper Bowling Bag

This bag is super handy dandy! Used this bag for my phase test cuz it matched my outfit. I could place my camera, wallet, make up pouch, phone inside it!! And the quality is superb so u girls must really get this bag! This is my first hand carry bag, I usually carry totes or sling bags sooooo thumbs up for this! 

(photos by Clarice)

Stylenanda Inspired Heels

Isn't this heels gorgeous!? I know it's kinda common but still... it's simple and easy to pair it with! That's why everyone is getting it. It comes in Black, Green, Pink, White and Brown. I don't have much heels so this pair is def gonna come in handy, really love the cutting of this pair of heels. 

Never regretted working with gxnshot!! They are awesome! 

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Quote "Locklovez" to be entitled $1 off total bill.

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