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Ta da!!!!! Finally did a blindfold make up challenge with Sharmine. She came over to my...

Ta da!!!!! Finally did a blindfold make up challenge with Sharmine. She came over to my place around 1pm? I went to the MRT to fetch her and it started drizzling.... Went home to place her bag and off we go to the market to get our lunch. After we ate our lunch, we started preparing and shifting furniture. She did my make up first and it was a total disaster :( Next it was my turn to get blindfold and apply make up on her and I could say I did a way better job comparing to what she did on me! Do remember to subscribe to our youtube channels at @xSharmine & @Locklovez
There would be more challenges coming right uppppp so be sure to stay tuned ;) 


YAY!! Good news to share with you guys again, did another challenge with Sharmine and it's called the Bean Boozled challenge!! It's rlly gross T_T 



"We started up Chufangshop in Nov 2009, as a Spree Organiser/Purchasing Agent, providing purchasing and shipping services from Taobao, Taiwan/USA websites for Singapore shoppers.

We moved ahead as a wholesaler and started to sell online in Feb 2011. With our good connection with many sellers/manufacturer in China, we are able to supply you with wide range of items such as clothings, bags, shoes, accessories, and more at wholesale price. We can ship to you worldwide using SingPost EMS service now.

At Chufangshop, we aim at giving the lowest possible price with best quality possible for all customers and resellers. So long you are willing to wait patiently for your pre-order items to ship, you can purchase them at lower prices on this online store. Our prices for pre-orders are fixed with no minimum purchase required. For wholesale orders above 15 items (can be mixed with any other items/colors/sizes), please refer to our discounts and promotions for wholesale discounts.

We do bring in some instocks for some items/designs, catering to those who are more impatient and willing to pay a little more. All instocks are based on first pay first serve basis with no reservations.

If we didn't do well in any areas, do drop your comments or feedbacks to let me know how to improve better.  If we have done it well, please recommend this website to all your friends!!"

Maroon Glittered Dress

Don't you just love the glitter that sparkles on the dress? Mad love for it! Great for formal dinners!!! Gonna keep this dress for the perfect occasion to wear it and flaunt it. With a little black clutch and a basic heels. Everything is complete. Of cuz I added a little black belt to my outfit because it's too plain without it. Liking the unique chains as the strap of the dress. 

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