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Met Vee at Clementi, we trained over to Holland Villag...

Met Vee at Clementi, we trained over to Holland Village and waited for the rest of the girls. My first time meeting Kimberly, Jody and Jac. They were all friendly.... haha duh!!! As we chatted, we ate at hatched and it was full of eggs :( We had no plans so we decided to call it a day and I left to Star vista with vee but it was raining so we couldn't take any nice pictures for my adv so we went home :( 


Trained over to JE and met my peipei and lili, we trained over to tiong to meet yan!!! And another insane ride to Tanah Merah.... We alighted and walked over to the bus stop and took another insane long ride to Changi Village Ter. Ate lunch before we set off to Pula Ubin!! We waited almost an hour or so for the god damn boat because there was only 4 of us zzzz.... End up the uncle just take us there haha. AND GOOD JOB!!! It was raining when we reached Pula Ubin urgh.. But thank god peipei brought ponchos for us hehe. 

We walked around, cycled around with our ponchos and when we were heading back to our first point. The rain stopped!!! Thank god :') After we returned our bicycles.. we took a short walk around the place and yan fed those dogs her bread hahahahha it was so funny!! Took the boat back to Changi Village Ter and had our dinner. 

Insane long ride home -_- BUT I really enjoyed my day with my girls! 

 While working..... Snorezzz 

Took advertorial photos and some selfies hahhaa.

Went to find my boy at his place and thank you for the new tunnels!!! Played payday and I was so excited bout it?!?!?! Hahahah!!! 

Went out with Sharmine to Chinatown to do some errands and shopping at Scape. We stay at least 23 mrt stops away from each other and we always had difficulties meeting up hahaha!! Do check out our youtube videos because we did the Cotton Ball Challenge! 

Did the koala ball challenge with my little brother and YAY!!! I did it :")))) But my little brother one failed miserably hahahhaa. I tried the ball and it tasted really sweet T_T 

Some of my selfies after shooting for adv!! 

Selfie at work as usual???? Love going to work so much because I could dress up hehe but it's rlly boring me out :( 

 Selfies before shoot hahahahhahaa!!! 

Sorry for the abrupt ending but that's all for March! Stay tuned to my next blogpost for more ;) And boohoo school is starting soon! At the same time, I couldn't wait to be year 2 officially. Received my results yesterday and I'm so glad that I improved by a little.  


Checkered Tie Skorts

My first pair of skorts!! I like how it looks like I've tied a jacket over my "shorts" but actually it's just a whole piece. Match it with a basic top and a statement necklace.. You're ready to go! Not forgetting a bag duh! 

Tiny Floral Romper

Love rompers so this romper def caught my eyes and it's so comfy. Saw the same exact piece selling at The Editors Market for a way higher price. It's totally a steal getting it from Ohmymess!

Shop away now with Ohmymess! They are having a mega sales right now and you wouldn't want to miss it so be sure to check it out. They sell preorder stuffs and as well as male apparels. 

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