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Selfie while shooting for my adverts~~ Headed over to Orchard to fetch my love after his...

Selfie while shooting for my adverts~~

Headed over to Orchard to fetch my love after his work. Walked around Orchard because we couldn't decide what to eat.. but at last we had Monster Curry!! It was awesome, had it at Japan last year but I couldn't finish it as usual la hahah!!! My bf couldn't finish his portion too because it was too filling!! We could choose our own spicy level and I tried the first one while my bf took tried the second one! The table was really small thou!!! :(

Headed to tangs because I wanna take a look at Superga shoes!! Can't wait to get them for me and my bf ;)

Love sent me home afterwards hehe so xing fu, thanks for the night!!! Can't wait to meet you soon for dinner date ;)

Shoot the next day with Mightygirls! This babydoll spag is my top pick for this collection!!

Went to her house after shoot because we are heading out with her friends! And impromptu stay over at her place hahahaha.


Timbre had a hell of a long queue so we decided to change location.. settled at Wings bar (if im not wrong??) but the wings weren't as good as the shop said (best wings in the town). Mehhhh waste of money.. Waited for a few more girls to arrive and we went to Chupitos bar, really wanted to try their shots long ago but no one to go with!!

 Got our brain freeze daiquiri tray at $82+. Had Lychee and Strawberry, mmm love the strawberry. Have to admit that it's really expensive but it's okay to go once in a while!

Mandatory toilet selfie with Vee.

Last but not least, group photos with the girls!! Thank you for making my night ;) Walked to Vee place, crashed after we washed up.

Another blogspot coming up soon!




"Over at ShopKixy, we only have brand new instocks. 
We strive to give only the best service and apparels. 
 Items will be "instocks" where there wouldn't be any waiting time or on "backorder" where items get out of stock and we'd bring them in again."

Floral Mono Tee

A really basic and casual floral tee that I really liked!!! Super simple and comfy to go out with. It comes in blue and green. I paired it with a denim high waist shorts for a casual look, went out today to school with it and it's so free and easy to move with this shirt.

Sunflowers Tee

Picked this really cute and simple tee too because it's way too easy to pair with any shorts! Might be even bringing this with me to HK because the weather is way too hot for long sleeve apparels. Really love how the sunflowers stands out.

Hurry and shop with them right now because they have lots of apparels, some are even instocks!!

For more info:


Quote "JolenexSK" to get a dollar off each item purchased.
Valid till end of june!

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