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Outfit of the day - pictures credits to Ellen!!! Met the girls at town to shop for the birthday girl's gift!  ...

Outfit of the day - pictures credits to Ellen!!!

Met the girls at town to shop for the birthday girl's gift! 

Finally met Bea after months...... 

 The theme was black therefore we were all dressed in black! Super happy for the birthday girl, Kelly! Happy 20th to you ;) And kudos to Jessica for planning this birthday surprise for her best friend. Spent quite a few hours chilling there before heading home with the rest. Thank you all for the lovely afternoon~

A short meet up with Mich before going on our own separate ways! Went home to change before leaving to love's place. 

Outfit of the day - top with c/o @mightygirls

Attend class BBQ, even thou not everyone was here but not bad la the atmosphere!! Had diarrhea the next day LOL confirm is something wrong with the food I ate during class BBQ one. Love otah the most but I suspect that it's the one that gave me upset stomach!! :(

Outfit of the day - pictures credits to vee of cuz!!

A date with vee to Miyoc flea at raffles xchange!! Didn't bought much stuffs so we were quite disappointed. Went to H&M instead and we bought quite a lot of stuffs hahaha!! Mostly were basics because it's super cheap. After shopping we took our ootds and train to Orchard, headed to TEM for some window shopping... My shopping bags were really heavy so i'm in a bad mood T_T 

Can't wait to meet my boy in the night and pass him my shopping bags haha!!! Went to fetch love after his work and vee went to meet her family for dinner.  

Love taking selfies with my boy becuz he is always coming up with stupid faces!! Had dinner before he sent me home ^-^ Love how he never fails to send me home everytime we go out, except on certain days when he's busy with work or meeting :( Xin ku ni on carrying my shopping bags le. Love you da most ;)

Flew off the next day to Hong Kong with my fellow peers & lecturers~~ 
Next blogpost will be up soon!



As y'all have heard before of gxnshot on my blog because I've advertised for it before. I'm back for another round, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity hooray!!! :) 

(Pictures credits to the amazing @bunnykay)

Navy Mermaid Skorts

Have been into skorts so much lately that I've been purchasing more skorts from the flea! Really love how basic this skorts is and it's super easy to match with any other tops. It comes in black too but it's sold :( Had feature this skorts in my instagram before when I went for Miyoc warehouse sales.

(Pictures credits to the amazing @bunnykay)

V-neck romper

Was told that this romper fits me so well on my Instagram and I can't wait to wear it out soon ;) It's comfy and flattering, it's available in 4 colours (red/white/navy/black). Pair it up with a statement necklace and gorgeous heels... you're ready to go out!!!

Shop away now at!!
Quote "locklovez" to get $1 off.

For more info-

As usual, I would be advertising for them again in part #2~~ Stay tune to it ;)
Spree #21 would be coming up on 10th July (thursday) at 8.30pm, do remember to follow at their carousell @gxnshot for instocks!

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