My love for you will never die xo

As usual, a day out with my boy and thanks to him for my ootd pictures! Hope his photography improves hehe. Thank you l...

As usual, a day out with my boy and thanks to him for my ootd pictures! Hope his photography improves hehe. Thank you love! 

A bun out that day because I feel like it haha, went to daiso for window shopping because we got nothing to buy and we dined somewhere in SCC. Took a walk around before taking the shuttle bus back to love house. Always thankful for the day with my love because he makes me happy every single time. 

 Can't get enough of my bae. 

Birthday surprise for my del hehe, hope you liked the surprise!!! Bought Olaf balloon, birthday balloon and cake, cousins4life even thou you pangseh us hahaa. kudos to jo for helping out, thank you! Dinner with bel after the surprise and homesweethome ;) Thank you bel for helping me with the pictures, mwahs.

A short catch up day with the boy, did mini legos for fun haha.

Shoot for @Kayleykate with Beatrice ;) Thanks for the night! 

 Here are some of the photos that you might have seen on Instagram, follow them now at @kayleykate! Thank you @Bunnykay for the opportunity, love ya!
Trained back home with Bea and I do miss you a lot :( See you around soon!!! 

A day out with the bf hehe, thank you for accompanying me to @Sixthempire even thou you're busy :(

Thank you @SixthEmpire for this opportunity, advert for it will be up soon on my instagram at @locklovez. In the mean time, do head to to do some shopping for your bf ;) 

 As usual, thank you love for helping me with my ootd shots.

Top & Bottom with c/o @Shopjoyeus
Sandals with c/o @Mightygirls

Ramen for dinner with my love at Tiong bahru before catching a movie and my phone died. Bf hacked into my instagram account and posted a photo, love you bae. Thank you for the dinner and movie date!!!! Absolutely love you to death mwahhhhhzx

Attending school with my hao peng you as usual yawnssssss sch is boring. But I was so upset that day because my DW watch iz haz obvious scratches on the glass, I WANT 2 CRY ALR

 Picture with my bff meiying & my friend claire huehue

 Super super thankful because love accompanied me down to Miyoc to grab my stuffs, he waited for me for almost an hour or so because I was super indecisive. Oh, I was invited down to Orchard Gateway Miyoc because it's their opening launch! Congratulations ;)  Can't wait to show you girls what I've picked. Couldn't take an ootd because it was dark by the time I left so..... this is the best ootd I can get for you guys xoxo


Love you all for reading and see you guys in the next post! :)

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