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Hi. So how long has it been? 4 months + I guess. Sorry for the long hiatus, was busy with my internship and it finally ended. For this 4 mo...

Hi. So how long has it been? 4 months + I guess. Sorry for the long hiatus, was busy with my internship and it finally ended. For this 4 months, I've been having my attachment at Singapore Cruise Center @ Harbourfront. So.. I shall start blogging about what happened after I ended my intern. 

Bf made a trip down to HBF with me just to accompany me :)

I went to Batam on the 10th of Feb with my friends who also worked at SCC. Coincidentally wore the "almost" same outfit with PY haha!!! Took a ferry to Sekupang, we seriously had no idea why we want to go to Sekupang???? 

So after we checked in at KTM resort, we headed down to the pool for a little chillax session.

Yes.. They are my friends!!

We went to change after the chilling session at the pool and explored the resort.. Decided to spend an hour inside the KTV room. 

That's our dinner. And day 1 ended. It's really nothing because there's limited things you could do in the resort. 

Good morning, it's day 2 and time to check out! We're travelling to Harbour Bay and staying at Golden View Hotel.

This is the scenery we got to see from our room.

Had breakfast with the usual. Super simple breakfast because there isn't much variety.

Okay seriously, they were checking out the bathroom because it's huge!!!! 

After we are done with checking out the whole room. We left to some shopping malls!!! 

We went to quite a few shopping malls, lets say around 4?? It was boring as hell because there's nothing to buy AT ALL.... Besides food? 

After we were all sick and tired of the shopping malls. We went to had late lunch/early dinner and tried their local food!! While we were eating, there's some guy singing songs with his guitar. It was awkward as hell because after he's done with his performance, everyone tipped him except us. I mean.. who the hell knows right!? We were just tourists...

Went back to the hotel to chill and the wifi wasn't working so we went down to the receptionist and told them about it. They installed a wifi connection in our room, so good right!!! Thank you Golden View!!! Went out at night to nearby shops to get some food for supper. Had a blast for the food party night. That's the end of day 2 :)

After we were done preparing, took selfies around the room. PY had a bad stomache maybe because it was due to the authentic food we had outside the shopping mall.

After we were done with breakfast, we went back up and chilled awhile more before checking out and heading to Batam Centre terminal to take ferry back home~

The last group shot before we went separate ways :(



"Blurpshop was founded in 18 Nov 2011 by owner Eliza. Blurpshop is an on-line boutique that provides ladies with a wide range of the latest fashion of accessories, every item from us are pocket friendly and is hand-picked personally with love by myself, keeping the ever changing trend. Our major is on accessories for ladies like statement pieces and rings, we also occasionally bring in apparels at affordable prices too. 

To us, every accessory is a part of an art piece on a lady's body as Rachel Zoe quotes, ' I see bold accessories as a woman's armour.'  

Follow our instagram @blurpshop for the latest updates!"

Black Back Tied Snapback

Personally love this because it's in faux leather material and it just spices up the whole outfit! How not to love?! You could match it with the cute style or hip style, it still works! 

Minimalist Rings 

Got them in both silver and gold, it's definitely a must to get when it comes to basic rings with no designs. It comes in a set of 5 so it's super worth it! I ALWAYS wear these rings whenever I go out and I've been wearing it for so long, it didn't rust at all! Can't wait to see you girls in these! :)

Thank you so much to Blurpshop for the patience they had towards me because of my intern/work I had to delay this blogpost. She's super friendly and understanding, +++ points!!
They have tons of accessories so take your time and slowly look through.

Their website is currently under revamp so stay tuned! 

Shop with them at:

Instagram: @blurpshop

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