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Hello everyone! I'm here to talk about my trip to Las Veags~ We had like 9 hours of drive to Las Vegas from Mountain Home.... A...

Hello everyone! I'm here to talk about my trip to Las Veags~

We had like 9 hours of drive to Las Vegas from Mountain Home.... All I had to do was to sleep in the car while the guys took turns to drive! Yay!!! The view was perfect thou because it's all grass and mountains. We stopped around 3-4 times to grab something to eat or pump petrol!

Let's show you guys our amazing Airbnb!

It's two floors but I forgot to take a snippet of the rooms on the second floor, I might or might not do a vlog about Las Vegas because I didn't take much videos so I'll consider!! Even thou I really want to but I'm lazy :(  So anyway, take a good look at our Airbnb!! It looks so amazing. they have a pool table and a freaking patio?! There isn't much to complain about it LOL!!

The master bed room is huge, as well as the toilet omg. 

We all washed up and left the house for dinner! 

Red checkered top: StatementMuse
Bag; Tabao

Just have a look at the city, it look so amazing!! Can't take my eyes off them.

Here's what he had for lunch! It's called Tea Station. 

Look!!! The female toilets were filled with tons of perfume, hairspray, moisturizer... 

After dinner, we headed to a beach club that DJ Marshmello was on the deck around 2-3am? We left house around 12am? Which was kinda late already but the streets were still busy and the hotel casinos were filled with people. There were even tables at the bar area to gamble! My boyfriend and his friends gambled and he wanted me to try too but I didn't because i'm scared ROFL!!! Can't deal with the stress because I have to mentally calculate the numbers... I prefer playing with the automated machines :') 

Here's a snippet of how things went down that day! Went back early because I was getting bored... And just when me and my boyfriend stepped out of the beach club, Marshmello played my fav song, Alone!!! Geeezzzz....

Eyewear: @Obliqueeyewear
Babydoll top: @Leiaray.x
Bag: @Shopkysse

We all got up quite late and headed for late lunch around 4pm? We had Ramen Sora for lunch! Didn't have much plans afterwards, so we went to outlet malls to shop! But it was such a disappointment... I didn't got ANYTHING for myself :( Not even a souvenir.. As nothing caught my eyes.... Only helped my mum to get a MK bag. 

Wanted to get the boat shoe from timberland but I'm not really sure whether I would wear it out.. I mean it's cute but.... idk man.

Look what we had for dinner!! We had tons of raw food at Sushi Takashi, and it was AMAZING.

After dinner, we went back to our airbnb to wash up before leaving to Bellagio hotel and wanted to gamble. they checked my IC but couldn't go through because apparently their "book" stated driving license instead of an identification card... rofl.... I'm fine with it, me and my boyfriend went out and walked around before going back to Bellagio as our friends were still gambling/ drinking there.. So we played automated machine games such as Roulette and Jackpot!! It was so fun ok!! My first time trying out and I think I kinda like playing Roulette? LOL

Full outfit: Taobao

Had lunch at some Malaysian food place and I was craving for green curry LOL!!! It was so good!!! We started our day quite late (nothing new), so by the time we finished our lunch it was about 3-4pm?

And bf friend wanted to head to Wet Republic, it's like some beach club too and Martin Garrix was dj-ing on that day. But when we reached there it was close to 5pm? And Wet Republic closes at 6pm HAHA. We went to check out the ticket price and wtf it's fucking expensive? Guys tickets were like 109USD and girls one were half the price, 55USD? We didn't went in and just chilled at the normal swimming pool area with alcohol slushy.

Left about 645pm to the casino to join the others and we gambled for abit HAHA. As usual, I was just playing Roulette~

Told my bf I wanted to try Shakeshack, and YES WE HAD IT!!!!!!!! It was so good omfg I hope i'll get a chance to eat this again :( I love the fries with bacon!!! That's the end of our last full day :(

We had Asian food half way during our 9 hours drive back to Mountain Home!

Also... we did stop at a few rest stops to get food... AND THAT'S IT!!! Thank you all for reading and wasting your precious time on my blog hahahahaha.

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