I won't give up on us


Hi, sorry for the spam of photos.. I need to upload all to show you what i've been doing these past few days/weeks. Haha, Nothing much anyway. School days, Wake up > Bus/MRT to school > Meet usual people > Class > Break > Class > End school > Hang out with usual > Home > Study > Bed. We went to quite a few places and did a few stuffs like Ikea, Studied after school, Nex, Jcube, Watched Avengers, celebrated Shaun's and Gladys's birthday,  Army Open House.. Oh! And our CCA is badminton. Love them so so so much!!! They're like my daily happy pills. Not to forget, I love my boyfriend,  @solemnwishes_ go go go go twitter and find him!!!

Headed down to Jp to find @twistedsmilexx and @Seductivewink today ;) Miss them so god damn much. I can't upload the photos I took with them today cuz this blog post contains too much photos. Next blog post, if I remembered? It's sunday today... Means its monday tomorrow. LE SIGH OH SIGH.ITI test tomorrow... Good luck to TJ............. Good night for now. Love you all who's still reading this dead old blog.

Don't forget to formspring me ;)

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