Most of us can't sleep when we are starting to fall in love.

Happy TGIF!! Met my dearest in the morning, accompanied him till it was time for him to head to work :( ...

Happy TGIF!! Met my dearest in the morning, accompanied him till it was time for him to head to work :(

Before I left the house... Mum actually said "BO JIO" to me. Haha, it was so funny... Love my mum. Headed over to Baby's place. Can't really remembered what happened :( 2 bad!!!!

Sunday means family day! So I've decided to go swimming with my mum and little brother. Haha :')

Yay did dream catchers!! One medium size and one mini size.

Baby cooked breakfast for me :')

 Woke up and headed over to baby's place, went to cold storage to get my fav campbell soup, sausage, ham. Baby is cooking breakfast for me, awesome :') Taste so good. Watched movies till 3pm, headed to Yishun MRT to meet someone to get my Polaroid films!! Thank you so much! Walked around North Point, went to timezone for a little while. Hehe, went to popular cuz I was sweating :'( Bought label marker for SGD 4. It's rlly cheap and good haha.

My dearest @f_cukyou!!!

@Haqkhun & @Fhateenie

Love all of them so much.

 Seoul Garden day with my babies!! Finally get to see them after so long... Only god knows how much I miss them :') Met gladys 11am at JE interchange, as usual... I was late by 15 mins? Sorry!! Hugged her the moment we saw each other. :') Happily in the train on the way to North point to meet Afiqah and Fatini, met them outside Seoul Garden. It's seriously insane, we had hell lot of fun together.. Gossiping, chit chatting and everything. Haha. When we can't eat finish our food, we had our ways to clear it. It's so funny!!!! Loving the hello kitty necklace from my girls. Waited for baby at the busstop with my girls.... Headed over to Vivo for a short while to do something. Took Polaroids with my baby and my girls!! Took train and gladys went separate ways....... Off to baby's place! Had BKT for dinner, awesome. Now i'm really full. Gonna gain weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Short update for tonight. Results is coming out at 8am, i'm freaking nervous... But oh well, goodnight for now. :-)
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