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It's just me and ma face.  Hooray hooray! Happy 2nd month to us :') Headed over to Yishun, had laksa for l...

It's just me and ma face. 

Hooray hooray! Happy 2nd month to us :') Headed over to Yishun, had laksa for lunch. It was great. Thanks baby. Got him a shirt, and he got me a mini photo album. I really love it a lot. I love you as well. Went over to Jordon's place for dinner > a ride down to pasir ris by his mom > baby's friend chalet > home. Enjoyed my days whenever i'm with you. So blessed to have you by my side. 

Accompanied baby to school cuz he needs to go for his wushu training. Had lunch at Matrix, finally got to eat my Hotplate while he ate his Ban mian.... Bought strawberry tao huey. It's my fav but it isn't cheap :( Met corrina and headed to Lot 1, thanks for accompanying me!!!

Corrina had to leave to meet Chengyi for her birthday surprise. Woootttt. Headed back to school and continued waiting for baby alone.... boo.

Painted my nails. :')

Kids apparels are just so so so adorable. 

Yo mama what's up i'm from star wars.

How not to love my mum? :') She's always there for me whenever I need her. I love you mummy.

Bought starwars dustcap for me and baby.

Yeah man this is my new bag :') Baby paid for it. Got the Royal Denim because it's the last one.

Accompanied baby to school........ Again. To hand in his forms and stuff.... As usual, waited for him outside the classroom. Went to matrix for 2nd round lunch. Bought Fried Mars Balls. You guys should go Far East and buy it, it's really super nice i swear.

Headed over to Daiso and I finally got my cup!!!!! It's so pretty :') Thanks baby. We bought 2 lunch boxs, 1 photo album & 1 hello kitty pencil case.


Met my baby in the afternoon. Re-watched Step Up 1, 2 & 3. Half the time baby was asleep. Headed to SSC to buy his shorts. Wanted to buy high waist jeans but.. oh well.... Went to Giant to get a few stuffs.. Ok I mean a lot of stuffs. Bought for bb gong cha. Went back to his place.

Just got to love him so much. He's my everything :')

Watched "The School of Rock" and another show which i forgot the title. Haha. Both was really awesome. Especially "The School of Rock", you guys should totally watch it man. So yeah. Met baby's junior cuz she bought something from me, bought a few snacks... hehe. Oh and I changed my blogskin, my header, my layout. I hope it's better than the previous one. Thank you for reading and goodnight to all of you! Remember to formspring me!!

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