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I dont even know where to start blogging.......................... Oh.. Let's start from that day I went to Genting. Please dont blame ...

I dont even know where to start blogging.......................... Oh.. Let's start from that day I went to Genting. Please dont blame me for the wordless blogpost :( But i really need to update my blog with something. Warning.......... long blog post with over due pictures.

 While on the way to Genting..... With my family, Grand mother, Uncle and their family. 

How adorable could Chloe be? :')


 Our buys on the first day!!!

 Didn't get the chance to sit this :"(


Second day of Outfit.

Trip down to Ripley's Believe it or not.

New dust cap for only SGD $3+

Played with snow at Snow World.

Freeze 2 is fucking awesome.

 Cute mascots around.

Pictures took during Freeze 2 :-)

Third day outfit.

Awesome chocolate fondue and Starbucks card.

Chloe is sooooo freaking adorable.

Thank you my dearest Pei Ying for this pancake.

Thank you girls for this card and the helium balloon :")

 Boyfriend surprised me with this cake and present. :')



My cake :')

My gifts :')

Baby came down to find me after his class. <3

NYNY for dinner & Cake from family.

Gave school a miss for Aunt's wedding.

Before -> After.

 Wooott!!! That marks the end of the wedding :)

Sweetest customer ever :') :-* Thank you Nicole. & Thank you baby for the hellokitty gift set.

 Sorry for spamming photos, me and my boy just love taking photos together haha!! Went over to cck to fetch him after his lessons. Headed down to Jp for dinner at Mos burger. Walked around and shopped for a little while, thank you baby for sending me home every time we go out :-* Love you!

You guys have been asking what app is this........................
This app is called PicFrame, unfortunately it's not free :( BUT! It's a really good app, so it's worth spending the money on this app. P/s: I didn't not buy this app, my boy bought it a few months ago when this is the first app that could collage photos in his phone and I just realized this app in his phones a few weeks ago!

 Saw my baby girl, Alina at Boon lay interchange while heading to meet my customer!!


Yay! Identical twitpic with my bf! Went to cck to fetch him after his lessons as usual, headed to Jp for dinner at Thai Express. Yummmmmm. After dinner, went to walk around and my boy send me home! Saw my parents after alighting the bus! Haha.  

School with my girls.

Woke up early in the morning and prepared to head over to bf's place. Gave him morning calls, he's such a piggggg omg!! Camwhore before leaving the house. Haha what to do? Girls. Train to Yishun and met my boy, and of we go to the doc's! Cuz my left ear is partially deaf :-( Had KFC for lunch. Watched Slient Hill alone cuz he's sleeping, the show is seriously awesome. YOU GUYS SHOULD GO WATCH IT!! Took a nap and went to meet customer at Interchange. Heading to Jordon's place for dinner!!!! Before we went there, we shopped awhile at Cause Way Point, we got two shirts from Cotton On. Bus to Jordon's place..... chilled around for awhile, ordered Domino's pizza for dinner! After dinner, we watched "Interview's before execution" located at china. Played Pictureka! with Jacq, Jordon, bf & me. Played till 12.30 and bro came to fetch me > Home Sweet Home. 

Breakfast for this morning, Fruity pebbles + choco milk!!!!! Mmmmdap. 

You girls have been asking me on instagram and formspring what app is this. This app to collage your photos is called PicCollage. For the background images, it's found on tumblr! Hope i've answered to your questions! Any more questions, just formspring me :-)

Don't stop supporting!!!!!!!!!

Small dream catchers (includes hp strap/necklace): $4.50
(keychain): $5
(dust cap): $5.5

Big dream catchers (includes hp strap/necklace): $7.5
(keychain): $8
(dust cap): $8.5

17 colours to choose from! Waiting for what!?

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