Sesame Street

  Ernie!!!!!! <3   All time fav korean friend, Ha Na Song.  Ha Na &a...

Ernie!!!!!! <3

All time fav korean friend, Ha Na Song.

 Ha Na & her best friend, Lisa!

Hello Richard!!

Retail Appreciation Night 2013!

 Colourful socks day :')

 On our last day of work......... Haha.

This is how the back of my uniform looks like.


Goodbye Sesame Street.

So hi guys, haven't been updating my blog for quite a few months..... I apologize... But at the same time, I know no one will read one la. My attachment iz at USS retail store, and i'm located to Sesame street!!! At first I was super happy, cuz it's the most adorable uniform ever. On the first day of work, it seems like my manager is fierce......... Well, what's new????? Slowly, as days goes by, my first best friend in work is Wendy!!! But i'm super upset that she had to leave due to JC. Passed my POS test thanks to everyone's help. After a month, things were still normal, but still me and my manager don't talk. I prefer my assistant manager :') Thank you for guiding me for the past 8 weeks. During Retail Appreciation Night 2013, had dinner at Louis Pizza with my colleagues, dreaded it...................... And guess who won the award. Ha haaa dishonest people la you guys hais. It's ok~~ What comes around goes around, just watch your own back. 

8 weeks passed, today is my last day of internship at USS. I wanted to convert to casual but my manager doesn't want.......... blabla. Why look down on ite people sia, so what if i'm from ite. I got cause any trouble meh...... Like set the store on fire or what. At least i'm willing to work what....... Also not earn your money, you're not the one giving me my pay.

Y u so bias one. I hope the rest won't die in your hands. God is watching.

Oh yeah hi ^_^ 

OOTD for CNY day 3.

Sweetheart came to fetch me after work and gave me my fav blue roses. I love you :')

I love you, thank you for being right by my side for the past 7th months! Our love will keep going on, please remember that I love you!!!!! 

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