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 We wanted to head to USS that day but unfortunately it was raining cats & dogs, so we went to catch a thai h...

 We wanted to head to USS that day but unfortunately it was raining cats & dogs, so we went to catch a thai horror movie. Postponed USS date to another day! 

Purchased this identical T-shirt from @wontyouburnbitch (instagram), Thank you!

Yea!!! USS with my boy, cousin & her bf! This trip to USS was meant to be a surprise for the boy! Saw a few of my ex work mates :') Missing those days working at USS (Sesame Street) already................ 

 Gym with the girls on Friday before CCA started, I'm in a new CCA now which is Outdoor Adventure Club! 

 Decided to make a trip over to Bel's place and stay over for a night with Seah and Vee. Had a few drinks and off to sleep till the next day and settled down with KKM for lunch :')

Passenger Services bonding between both Year 1 and Year 2! 

A little surprise for the birthday girl, will always be my best girlfriend! Hope you liked the balloon, cake & dress! Love you like always. 

Afterwards, cabbed to town to catch a movie! Always enjoying my Friday nights when them! 
FYI: Foo & Seah are my cousins.

 A date with the boy, thank u for everything! :*

 Babe came down to surprise me before heading to Paintball, really shocked when he came over becuz I wasn't expecting it!!! What more, I just woke up T_T Hope you like what I gave u! :-) Happy 10th months to us!!!!

3/9 people whom i hang out with in school!! Thank you girls for appearing in ma life! Love u all. 

Love this girl so much!!!!!!!!!! My camwhore partner hahaha. 

It's Zella's birthday! Happy Legal Birthday to you! Hope you enjoyed the surprise from your classmates and your lovable teacher!!! 

My beloved Nitec Tourism classmates! 

Most lovable teacher, Ms Rahimah!! 

Finally graduated from Nitec Tourism!!!!!! Even tho i didn't graduate with a really good results, but I managed to continue in my studies! Currently studying in the same college.

Navy Open House 2013 with classmates! 

 Yup, my long hair is gone!!!!! :'(

Went to the Navy Open House 2013 with parents and little brother the following day... The sun is trying to kill me!!! Met my cousin in the Navy too!

Purchased this pretty floral jumpsuit & heart suede sling bag from @thepetiterose, do support my cousin!!!! :-)

Wii with the girls at school while waiting for the next class!


The girls have decided to came over to my place and stay over! :-) Supper with Debbie, Noel and my girls at 9 head! 

Night Cycling with a few of the Year 1s and 2s! 

 Volunteered to help out in Sundown Marathon 2013 with my friends and grouped with my CCA mates and Ying! 

 A date with the boy to bugis! Watched Fast & Furious 6, thank u baby for the day! And always sending me home whenever we went out xo

Jp with the family for dinner at Din Tai Fung, and headed to the FairPrice for grocery shopping!!! 

Wooooo holidays are here!!!! Mr Dennis Yeo is leaving... Nooo.... :( 3 weeks of holidays, let's go! 

/will be bloggin again tmr goodnight x

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