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Hello wello went out yesterday with Shermaine and Clari...

Hello wello went out yesterday with Shermaine and Clarice! Met Shermaine at JE mrt and off we go to Orchard.. and guess what! It was raining heavily :( But so glad there was a shelter for us to head to Lucky plaza! Walked around the flea at the start but couldn't find beixin's flea so headed down to mac for lunch. Went up to lvl 6 again and found her stall! Bought 5 apparels from them and left lucky plaza cuz Clarice said she wanted to meet us so.... me and shermaine walked around FEP and bought a few apparels while waiting for her... after that we headed over to scape to meet Clarice! Accompanied Clarice to Kofu to satisfy her tummy and off we go the shopppppp. Bought a top from Dingxuan's stall!! Wuahah totally satisfied with yesterday buys!!! Me and Clarice wanted to watch Insidious but Shermaine doesn't want but yeee end up we bought the movie tickets and Insidious was not bad but story line the same one leh sian... Got a feeling that there will be Insidious 3! Had dinner after movie and home sweet home. Had a great day with them :)



Pretty pastels sells mainly Contact lens, but they have another shop called Razzle Dazzle that sells apparels and shoes. Do remember to check them out! 

You know girls always love be so vain right??? Even tho I have perfect eye sight, I still wear contact lens becuz I think it looks pretty haha!!! Your pupil will look bigger and it has the sparkly effect. And obviously don't look like those chinese boring black pupils... Here are my picks! 

Ifairy Cara lens in Grey and Brown. 

I picked those two colours cuz I loveeeee grey lens!! Brown is more of a simple colour and great for days when I don't want my eyes to be the main attraction. Received my lens within a few days after her preorder is closed and I was so satisfied with the lens becuz it's unique and you don't get to see this design in luxury lens! I will be posting picures of myself in the lens once my previous lens is giving me problems! 

Quote "Jolene" to enjoy $1 off per pair for contact lens at PrettyPastels.
Or quote "Jolene" to get 10% off final bill at RazzleDazzle!

Love giveaways?! They are having a give away now at @Razzledazzlex3. Do remember to join if you love free gifts!! You might be the lucky girl walking away with 2 pairs of free candylicious lens and 2 ribbon casings of your choice! 


"It's not about the greatest gift, but the sweetest memories. 
The sweet affairs ensure of excellent customer service and the sweetest memories and gift in the world."

Featuring Tiramisu cupcake / Jelly heart cupcake / Cereal cluster. 

My fav one has got to be the Jelly heart cupcakes, I love strawberries! Told my mum to try it and she said it's nice!! It's so sweet and mmm, just lovely. Perfect gift for the ones you love, because their strawberries were shaped like a heart. Oh and, try their Tiramisu cupcakes! It's nice!!! I couldn't find any nice words to describe it. I'm not paid to say that it's nice, i'm swear it's good. At the start I wasn't expecting that it would taste as good as it looks like. But hell yeah it proved me wrong! Not forgetting their cereal cluster... It's rlly addictive like they stated on their web!! Best snack while watching shows :') 

Shihui aka the owner of Thesweetaffairs is rlly sweet too! Collected the cakes from her yesterday night and she's friendly!! Plus they do delivery and free meet ups at certain areas!! 

Purchase their cupcakes/sweet treats at:

Quote "Jolene" and enjoy 5% off from their sweet treats! 

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  1. Forfleasake Lucky Plaza Flea Review: Please please dont go, I went there and 60% of my bags and clothes were stolen. My friend brought 23 bags and 17 were missing. Another friend sold 2 jeans and all the rest went missing. The shoppers just swarm you like crazy. Some of them just took our items and simply walked away. It was a terrible Sunday. :( Just felt the need to warn you gals.. I am beyond upset..


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