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A day out with my cousins to town for some fun at town! Met the girls at gongcha area while the...

A day out with my cousins to town for some fun at town! Met the girls at gongcha area while they get their gongcha, walked to Scape and went to playnation (if i'm not wrong) to book slots. But however it's full!?!?! :( I was freaking hungry, so we went to Mos Burger for lunch and we walked around the flea for a little shopping spree. We headed to the top floor of cine and booked a room at E2max. Started playing dancing kinect games!?!?! It was so fun la haha but I don't like the room because whoever that walk pass our room, they will be able to look at us??? :( After 2 hours of fun, we left to Bel's house for some catch up session with the girls including V. It's been so long since we four sat down and talk.... 

My qt V ;)

Seriously.. How not to love them?! Missing them so much right now.. Need to go out with them soon!! 

Thank you @innershinesg for the Collagen Essence Strip. 

Went out with Kerong to Chinese Garden for a little shoot. Thank you so much kerong aka @bunnykay for the lovely photos!!!! Couldn't wait for our next shoot ;) See you soon! MUACK.


Here are some of the photos that were took by Kerong! A short shout out to Supergurl, previously known as We Are Rubbish. Tara Abstract Top in red with courtesy of Supergurl! Thank you to those who have joined the giveaway by JOLENE x SUPERGURL. Don't be devastated if you didn't win anything this time round because there will be more giveaways coming right up!!  

So thankful for this friendship!! Shermaine actually accompanied me all the way to City Plaza to drop my clothes for @threeblindmiceflea. Walked around CP to shop and Sher was super indecisive like me when it comes to buying clothes?!?! Hahahahha!!! Trained all the way back to Jurong with her and we bid goodbye :(

Ootd for that day with the help of Sher for the photo! :)

If you are studying in ITE you should know that our year ones have amazing race every year!! AND our class were the "lucky ones" that was chosen to be part of the N.Emazing race. Was deployed to station 6 with Noel and KaiXiang. It was so boring?!?!?! Because we had to watch the show for at least 25 times........ We could even remember the lyrics!!! Obviously I went around to find my friends with some of my friends hahaha!! The first day was Electronics course and the second day was Business course. But sadly I wasn't there the second day because I went to Temasek Poly for some entrepreneurship thing. Met Vee outside TP and she passed to me something. Love it!!! Thank you so much ;) Met her after my lessons at TP for dinner at Pizza hut. Urgh their food at Bedok mall sucks, seriously sucks. Walked around bedok mall before travelling back home!

My OOTD for @threeblindmiceflea, went with Vee!! So thankful to be part of the #ootd team!! AND credits to @veeadorable for helping me out with my ootd photos!! Met Vee early in the morning at raffles, shopped for a little while before we head to some restaurant for lunch! 

Free photos during the flea!! Printed out two, one with Vee and the other one with Claire. ;)

Really so happy to see myself up on this board! Thank you aloy once again! Do follow @threeblindmiceflea and be updated of the upcoming fleas. :) 

A photo with @riceyyyyyyyy!! 

After we were done with the OOTD photos, we went to MEDZS. Ordered the rainbow cake and assorted flavours of macaroons. We were so full after lunch but we still continued eating???!!! The macaroons weren't that great :( After we were done, we went back to the flea to find Claire and Vinez! 

And of cuz!!! Pictures with them!!!

 Bought quite a few stuffs during the flea and it was such a hassle to carry back!?!?!?! I seriously need to cut down on shopping!!!! :'( 

Not forgetting my love!!!!! Miss him so much, we don't get to spend time together everyday due to my school and his work.. We only meet once a week or even once every two weeks. I miss those days where we could meet every single day :'( Hate my busy life so much now.. Projects after projects. School today sucks. Public holiday tomorrow, will be heading to the MIYOC warehouse sales with Vee! See you if you're going, and say hi!? :) 

Thank you for reading my space!



Sweet treats crop top

Isn't this crop top cute?!?!? It's so pink and yummy. Just a perfect oversized crop top for a lazy day out. Pair it with a ripped denim and you're ready to head out to enjoy your day! 

Asymmetrical Dress

A plain black maxi, touching up with a statement necklace. Great for girls nights out or a simple date with the boyfriend. And of cuz! You could add a leather/biker jacket too ;) Love how it isn't that long and yet it has a little "peekaboo" at the thigh area. 

Be sure to check out and follow their instagram right now at @featheredfedoras. They have quite a few instock apparels available on their instagram, they will be launching a collection in June. 

For sincere buyers, quote "locklovez$1off" to be entitled a dollar off the bill with a minimum purchase of $15. 


Checkered shorts 

Don't you just love this shorts?!?!?! It's so cute and I love it the moment I saw it. I know I had to get it because it's so adorable!! Matched it with different tops for different styles. I believe that there are more ways to match this shorts with. Super casual and loving it so much!

Check out their webstore now because they have tons of livejournal apparels for sale!! Or follow their instagram for updates ;) They are selling <One time livejournal grab bag> at only $50 for 5 apparels. WHAT A STEAL?!?!! Good reviews are posted up on instagram, don't believe?! Shop with them right now to know how good they are! 

Couldn't wait for their new collection to be out! 

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