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Super eggcited because I went to Miyoc warehouse sales with Vee!! Manage to get priority pass tickets thanks to Ker...

Super eggcited because I went to Miyoc warehouse sales with Vee!! Manage to get priority pass tickets thanks to Kerong!! *Throws infinite flying kiss* Arigato!! So we took MRT and bus there... When we arrived, the normal queue was so long compared to the priority queue. AND I was so jealous of those people who stays opp the building!??! -_- 

My outfit of the day shots as usual, thanks to vee!! 

After the massive shopping, I spent $117 on 7 apparels and 2 statement necklaces. Would love to blog about it but I've sold a few away already. Maybe I will do a vlog on what apparels I got or a short post about it? :) Ate at pepper lunch and HOME SWEET HOME!! 

Selfie while taking photos for adverts hehe

A short feature for chasingthedistance.com!! As y'all know.. I'm cray cray over spags so thanks to bel for this spag!! Quote "jolene" to get free normal mail!! 

As y'all know... from my twitter... I've tweeted saying that I had a shoot recently with shopmightygirls.blogspot.sg!! Super madly in love with this overlay crop top, am gonna get one for myself!! 

Here are some of my top picks from this collection!!! There are more of cuzz hehe, you girls have been asking me where did I get my white oversized top that's I featured on my Instagram right?? shopmightygirls is selling something similar!!! 

Do email me at hey-youz@live.com if you would like to hire me!! weeettt hehe

It's been so long since I went to WC :'( Saw Mongchin too!!! Yay, hoping to have more shoots with SMG in the future! 

Outfit of the day shots by Vee, as usual. Got my outfit from miyoc warehouse sales, top from TheDesignCloset and jeans from TwistPolka. Love don't really like my jeans but I have ultimate love for both of it!! Dropped by WC the next day for another shoot with Walkthewalkco, can't wait for their launch as well. 

Sorry for the short post with lots of pictures! Just had to update my blog ;)



"Julien is a registered company based in Singapore, since September 2012. 

We aim to foster an environment that encourages LOVE and individuality. An online shopping destination for fashion misfits, dreamers and anarchists!

Not a fan of long sleeve apparels but I have to say that this is good!! Paired it with a origami skorts that I got from the warehouse sales but sold it away already. It's definitely suitable for Singapore's hot weather. You could roll up the sleeves if you're walking outdoors and roll down the sleeves when you're somewhere that's air-conditioned!  

Shop away with them at shopjulien.net!!
Like them at their Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shop.julien

Quote "jo15" to enjoy 15% off store wide when you checkout :) 

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