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Told ya, a selfie with the pup is a must before I leave the house!   Second date with Minchin and thank god I good finally talk...

Told ya, a selfie with the pup is a must before I leave the house! 

 Second date with Minchin and thank god I good finally talk to her now because previously I lost my voice hhahahah. 

So.... today's post would be about my trip to @francisandjean. I would like to thank Andrew (the owner) and Marcus (my hairstylist) for giving me this opportunity to pamper my hair. I booked my appointment a few days back and I couldn't wait to do something about my hair!! When I first stepped in F&J, they told me to take a seat and offered me water/tea, so kind right!!! Thumbs up for their customer service ;)

Before doing anything to my hair (on the left) and Marcus checked my hair out before giving my hair a wash!! It was super comfortable when Marcus washed my hair, I mean.. who doesn't like their hair getting washed by other people?? Plus the massages I get!! 

After the hair wash and blow dry.... Marcus asked me if how short do I want to have my hair chopped off, and I said anything because I trust him!!! Minchin called my crazy for doing that but I was really determined to give my hair a change.. But sadly it couldn't be a dramatic change due to internship starting next month. So Marcus trimmed my hair and I told him to snip off my fringe because it's long and annoying.... And I really like the end results!!

No edits done to this picture!! This was after the haircut and wash.... Gonna dye my hair now!! 

Thank you MinChin for being so brave to accompany me for 4-5 hours straight!! 

While Marcus was dying my hair, a lady came up to me and asked if I wanna get my nails done... So I was thinking "why not?! Since it's holidays" It only cost me $10, super cheap right plus it's done super perfectly. Will definitely get my nails done again in different colour the next time I visit them! 

I choose a natural brown colour that Marcus recommended me because I can't go for light brown due to intern and I don't really want a dark hair colour so.. continue reading to see the end results!

Marcus was super professional, he would constantly check on my hair to see if the colour is absorbing etc 

Selfie with my new nails cuz i'm bored hahah!!! Oh and you could read their magazines if you have nothing to do! My new nail colour is in dark purple but it looks like black I know.... But it's still pretty!!! TIME FOR A HAIR WASH!!!!! 

Took a few shots while they were blow drying my hair, the colour super pretty right!!! Really loved how it turned out. Marcus curled my hair, AND HE SAID.. I look more mature now HAHAH!! Super love the curls but sadly it isn't permanent. Need to learn how to start curling my hair!! 

Pictures of me and marcus inside and outside of FrancisandJean! 

Absolutely love how my hair turned out! Once again, thank you to @FrancisandJean and Marcus! Can't wait to head there again during Nov! 

Quote "Jolene" to enjoy a special price for hair colouring at only $48! 

Francis And Jean Hair Salon is located at Far East Plaza, they have two outlets. 
#05-08 and #04-17

You could call them up at +65 63338942 / 63338932 for any questions or booking of appointment. 

Do remember to quote my name when you head there and be sure to follow them on Instagram at @FrancisandJean!

Outfit Of The Day

Hair with c/o @FrancisandJean
Plaid Ruffles Tube & Nike Roshe with c/o @Susyblaze
Roll over clutch with c/o @Shopneonstars

Had our dinner at Saizeriya before heading home. It's a must have dinner place, can't wait to bring my bf there next time. Mad love for my new hair!! Can't wait to take more selfies with it ;) Goodnight, and thank you for reading! 

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