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Since I have a dog now, it became a habit for me to selfie with my pup before I leave the house haha!! He's too adorabl...

Since I have a dog now, it became a habit for me to selfie with my pup before I leave the house haha!! He's too adorable. If you wanan see more of him, head to @sugarthe.toypoodle.

Outfit Of The Day.

Striped Pinafore with c/o @mightygirls
Nike Roshe #17 with c/o @susyblaze

Had a shoot with @mightygirls in the afternoon, had a short ootd taking session before heading to her place for lunch and Marina Square to get something! Thank you Vee for helping with my ootds and accompanying me to Marina Square :) 

Pictures from the shoot! They have launched this collection at :) Go over and shop, quote "joseah" to get 5% off! 

Outfit Of The Day

NY Shorts with c/o @SIXKSIXKSIXK
Nike Roshe #17 with c/o @susyblaze

This was never my style, as you could see from my instagram.. But I really wanna try it, and.. I love it?!?!? Mad love for the Nike Roshe sponsored by @susyblaze, my new fav shoes! Super easy to match with any outfits and most important of all, it's comfortable af.

Rushed home to prepare for Katty's wedding dinner. Congratulations on your wedding, cheers to you and your hubby for dating more than 10 years before marriage. 

Bought this for my bf and I as a surprise gift. Wanna know what design I got? Continue reading! 

Outfit Of The Day

Watermelon top with c/o @good_monday
Sandals with c/o @mightygirls

Went to Miyoc with Yiling, saw Meiying and Jingci hehe helloooooooo. 

Finally met J & D! 

Finally accompanied my bf to his paintball area after 2 years plus? hahaha It was fine!! Can't wait for him to play in tournaments so I could suppork and cheer on him!! 

 He came over to my place to fetch me before we head to Marina Square again.... Because the bracelet I got him was too loose. 

Here's the bracelet that I got for him! Kiel James Patrick bracelet, another arm candy added to the collection ;) 

Had cakes at Lady M cafe, I had strawberry shortcake and hot choco while bf got iced latte and red velvet. He said the latte sucks haha!! He sent me home afterwards ;)


Met up with hao peng you recently for dinner and movie, <Maze Runner> was really good! Can't wait for <Maze Runner 2>?!?!?! Bought 3 shirts from cotton on and a top from topshop :'((( Thank you for the night, see you soon!

Oh btw I do have a flea coming up.... on 27th sep ;)

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