The walls kept tumbling down

WELCOME HOME SUGAR!!!!  I wanted to own a dog for quite some time already so there's this one day.. my friend ask...

I wanted to own a dog for quite some time already so there's this one day.. my friend asked me if I wanna adopt a puppy and I had to ask my mum for permission first right?? So I went ahead to ask her, she said "Why not I buy for you then you can choose what dog you like" Oh My GOD I was freaking happy la obviously but scared at the same time... WHAT IF I CANNOT HANDLE THE DOG, WHAT IF IT DIED, WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IFS here and there. 

And the weekend... We headed down to Pets Village to take a look and I saw four toy poodles. How cute could they be T_T Two white, One brown and One black HAHA!! I couldn't make up my mind on which to get so..... I took the white one, it's a male of cuz!! I prefer hyper dogs. Spend about $2.6k in total including his necessities, I forgot to ask a lot questions like is he pure breed etc???? Meh forget it. Since we already bought him so.. I STILL LOVE YOU SUGAR!! He is only 3 months + old when we got him but he's 4 months and 5 days old! 

I've created an Instagram account for him at @Sugarthe.toypoodle, be sure to follow him!!! 

 Parents' Meeting day..... It's compulsory for students to attend so I dragged my mum along hahahahah becuz I wanted her to accompany me home :') Had a fun night eating and fooling around with classmates. 

Size L and XS hahaha omg super adorable!!! Size L called Junior, it's my relative dog and it's Maltese :) 

My spiderman!!! Junior couldn't fit into his old shirt so my relative gave me, thank you!!! :)

My bf first book out!!! I was so so so happy that I could finally see him and hug him :'( He came over to my place for dinner, wanted to fetch up but he had a early book out :)

Catching movies with him... Miss him so much :'(((((( How I wish he could skip army but it's impossible...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will go through this 2 years together!!! 

I lost my voice so.... hahahahah :'(( Super upset but I had a shoot with TSH, thank you MC for accompanying me! Had dinner with her afterwards at Chinatown point, we couldn't find a proper place to have our dinner so we spend almost an hour walking around... :'( 

With my fav teachers!!!

Finally done with studies!!! FINALLY!!! After three years in ITE, I can finally say byebye!!!!! :')))) Left with internship and i'm officially done with ITE :')))) Can't wait to enjoy my 3 weeks holiday before I start my 5 months of internship..

Outfit Of The Day.
Top from Topshop
Jeans with c/o @joieamoursg
Double buckle sandals with c/o @everything18shop

Had a shoot with @kayleykate that afternoon before heading to JE to meet my boy for dinner. Thank you for coming all the way to JE for a dinner with me even thou you're super tired. Really appreciate it ;')

LAST PAPER!!!! THANK GOD :') Thank you Sha for the pretty cards! Celebrated KY's birthday on after our first paper. I had two papers in total.

Had OPPA bbq after our paper + intern briefing. $30 was not worth it for dinner :'(((( Will drop by for lunch next time instead hahah!!! It was my second time here thou. Love the chicken, LOVE.

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