We were so trapped in love

Top - Flea Romper - Flea Shoes - @Susyblaze Bf send me to woodlands for shoot with KK :) Thanks for making...

Top - Flea
Romper - Flea
Shoes - @Susyblaze

Bf send me to woodlands for shoot with KK :) Thanks for making me happy everyday! I appreciate all the things you've did for me so I love you k?!?!?!? Oh yah, so I had a shoot with KK and brought a whole lot stuffs back home with me. Can't wait to show you girls what I've brought back with me?! Intern is starting soon therefore this is my last shoot with KK.... Till then :'(((((( 

Pictures with my little bro becuz he helped me with my mini shoot so kudos to him ;)

Sorry for the spam of my #bigfaceselfies but no i'm not trying hard to be pretty or whatsoever so stfu with your rude comments lol -.- I'm just a human WHY CAN'T I PUT ON MAKEUP AND TAKE SELFIES LOLZ. It's my face, if you hate it THEN JOLLY WELL DON'T SEE IT!!!!!! Or wash your eyes with some acid?!?!?! 

Top - @Glamourdistricts
Bottom - Flea
Shoes - @Mightygirls

It's been so long since I used a fish eye lens?!?! I could remember how trend it was in the past hahah!! And I got scammed by some galzx for $22........ In the end bf surprised me with one hehe was super happy at that time?! I think it was one year ago hahaha. 

So yep we had this for dinner!! Have been dining there quite often.... It's a really affordable place for you to have your meals :)

My pup had his first grooming done and to my horror it was bad. When I left the place, I found out that Sugar had three cuts on his balls... I'm like "WTF OMG, wtf should I do!??!?!?!" And sadly he had ear mites :'(( Sucks to see him suffer!!! 

Went back to the grooming shop the next day and they gave Sugar a medicine FOC, thank god.
A few days later it healed!! :) Follow him at @Shugerlicious for more updates ;)

Till then! 

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